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Profile Buttons -  Functions for profile plots and other plots.

The top of the button window gives the end points of the line and its length and angle, when the line is active.

To make a plot with the Profile Tool:

  1. Click on the window where you want to use the profile tool.
  2. Click on the Image! button.
  3. Click on the 'Line on' button.
  4. Select a direction for the line.  This just initializes the line at a convenient orientation for you.
  5. Select a width for the line if you want to average pixel data on either side of the central line.
  6. Position the line by dragging its endpoints.  Dragging by the center preserves its angle.
  7. Click on 'Plot' to plot the profile. The 'Color!' button changes the color of the line on the image to the selected color - the color of the Color Menu.

To use the cursor:

  1. Click on 'Cursor on'.
  2. Drag it with the mouse.
  3. On Plot options
    1. Off:  Cursor mark on the plot does not move, and does not even appear if it has not been used.
    2. After move:  Cursor mark moves on the plot to match the location on the line in the image, after mouse up.
    3. Real time:  Cursor mark on plot follows cursor on line in image.
To save a profile to a file:
  1. Use 'profiles -> Print profile'
  2. Cut and paste to Excel or text editor, and save.



Other Functions

Arrange  All the functions in this button have been moved to the Plots menu in the Lispix menu bar.