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PCA | PCA demo 2

PCA Tutorial 1


 key value
width 128
height 96
depth 101
offset 0
data-length 2
data-type signed
byte-order little-endian
record-by image ;256x96 128x96 6

 Top row has column labels. Need at least two (arbitrary) labels, as the .rpl file must have at least two columns.

Values in rows are separated by one tab, and any number of spaces.

Other columns are ignored.

Anything after a semicolon is ignored.


Lispix opens cube showing slice 0.

Image of this size better seen using

'zoom / 2' , which will also get rid of the white space.


 I eliminated more slices than is absolutely necessary, I suppose. I cut off some at the end, just for good measure.


Note that the slider can be resized, as well as the plot window.

Examine regions of the plot in detail using

'Navigator / Make'

which works both for images and plots.


 See score cube - here zoomed x2, and slider resized. Also see Eigenvalue chart, showing most of info to be in the first few slices.


The order of the images depends on when they were clicked. They can also be sorted using

'window / sort up' and 'window / sort down'.

You can change the color scheme by moving the various color bars with the mouse. Larger images have more counts in the scatter diagram, and have more colors.

At the moment, I don't have a really good way to highlight the selected pixels. The color overlay works pretty well, but this is not the best example. C is a blank image made by clicking on any of the score images and then 'edit / make blank image'. Select the blank and click on 'blue/z!', then 'rgb overlay / make overlay' to make the 2-color overlay D, above. Then click on image M, then 'blue/z!', then 'rgb overlay / make overlay' to make image E.