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Particle Database Tool -- Buttons

This is a specialized tool, not usually included in the public version of Lispix.

Setup       Sets read and blob directories. Makes threshold slider and blob button windows if necessary.  Sets blob stats to  "area".

Next Image  Opens next image in TMSL image set that has not been   blobbed.  Closes any previously opened images.

Flatten     Usually the first step in segmentation.  Flatten image background for easier blobbing. (2)


      List multiple plots     TMSL images should be segmented into one blob per file.  This lists .blob files that have more than one perimeter in them.


Segmentation notes.


2)    If there are shadows, try "Flatten", and move the threshold slider to see if most of the edges of the particle can be outlined.  Test with the blobber.  If not, try flattening with a different kernel size.  Then if not, try gradient or Sobel.  Use Cebozet to find a likely threshold.

      a) If outline incomplete - allow blob to touch image edge.

      b) If shadowing or too many bumps on high intensity side of the particle, flatten.

3)    Stitch and join as necessary.

      a) Zoom helps greatly.  Leave drag on.  Leave P-off! so as not to continually refresh the perimeters you are editing.

      b) Unzoom for final inspection of outline.