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Hough Transform applied to a square grating.

This example shows how to load an example image, take the Linear Hough Transform, and examine both the image and the transform with the Hough Tool.  The line spacings in each direction and the angle between the lines can now be measured automatically.

  1. Locate the demo images.
  2. Set Lispix to load RGB images as gray level.
    1. Expand the menu bar. Click the 'Open color images as color' button so that it says 'Open color images as gray level'.  If it already says that, you don't need to click it. 
    2. The square grating image that you are about to load is a JPEG image. JPEG encoding is for RGB color, so even gray level images will be loaded that way. The grating image will appear blue if loaded as a color image into Lispix. (NIH Image and Photoshop load the image as a gray level automatically, presumably assuming that if two of the color planes are zero, then the remaining plane represents a gray level image. Lispix does not make that assumption.)
  3. Open the square trating 30kx image.
  4. Invoke the Hough Transform
  5. Open the Hough Tool, set some parameters:
  6. Hough Tool Graphics: