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Data Cube Tool

Data Cube Buttons 


Buttons above work directly on the front cube window
  Buttons below work on the cube selected by the Cube! button.


1)    Drag the line&circle in the slice slider to view selected slices. Slices are shown with ZERO individual offsets.  The slices are offset individually in the flicker and movie modes but not in the still mode.

2)    Turn the drag to scroll on (Image Buttons -> Drag ON) and drag the image around, when Flicker is OFF, to position the entire stack in the window.  Use with zoom to concentrate on a small portion of the window.  Scrolling in this way does NOT change any slice offsets.

3)    Drag with Flicker ON to position the flicker slice only.  This sets the offset for that slice.  This can be done with the image zoomed and scrolled as in note 2.