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Data Cube Plot button  11/5/2003

<--- save functions now in Plots menu in the Lispix Menu Bar.

Sum spect - whole cube or rectangle.:  Generates a spectrum for the region indicated.  For the rectangle, select a rectangle with the Select menu in the menu bar.  For the mask, generate a mask image of the desired area – the thresholder  (CLUT menu) or the Blob Tool (TOOLS menu) are ways to do this.

Stat – whole cube or rectangle.  Plots the statistic for each slice of the cube.  Most plots are one dimensional – value vs. channel.


Save to file – saves the spectrum as an ascii text file.  Another way to save the spectrum is

Plot/Nav / print’        which prints an ascii chart of the spectrum to a text window,

Window / save front text window to file’      which saves the text window, as is, to a text file.