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Electron Diffraction Tools

Circular Average Plot | Ring Tool | Spot Tool

Manual tools for characterization of electron diffraction patterns i.e., manual analysis of electron diffraction images. The ring tool is for measuring the ring diameter of, say, a gold diffraction pattern, to calibrate the camera. The spot tool is for determining the basis vectors for crystal characterization.. Templates are positioned on features in the images, and measurements done accordingly.

Sample images are in the Mlx/Widgets/EDIF/Sample Images folder. They are in Gatan file format, readable with the MLx->Image Files->read Gatan menu. Install this widget with the Edif/edif_tools.pfsl file using the MLx->Load Widgets menu.

After the EDIF_tools.pfsl file is loaded, the More Buttons... menu will have an additional item: EDIF Tools. Invoking that menu will bring up the "EDIF Buttons" window:


The Ring Average buttons are for doing a Circle Average plot of a radially symmetric image. The Rings buttons are for measuring the diameters of thin rings to get the camera constant for calibrating the spot diffraction patterns. The Spots buttons are for measuring the positions or D values of regularly spaced spots in an image, and calculating the basis vectors characterizing those spots.