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This widget is used by other widgets, and will be loaded automatically when they are loaded.

The blobber is used for particle counting. Groups of pixels in an image are labeled according to contiguous groups so that different particles or objects are given unique numbers or labels. The collection of pixels is describable by various Morphologal terms.

If the particles touch, they can be divided manually using the Draw...Cuts button.

Notes: a one pixel border around the edge of the image is ignored. Blobs that touch or come within one pixel of the edge are automatically excluded. Other blobs may also be manually excluded.


Buttons top

The blobber widget adds a 'Blob' item to the More Buttons popup, which makes the Blob Buttons window:


 Parameters  Blob... Show...  List Info
     Blob Stats Window
 Image Buttons  Blob Overlap   Stats...

Image Buttons

Pops the image button window. This window can get buried.

Blob Overlap top

This works with TWO blob windows (A and B). Lists blobs in the front window (A) . With each blob (A), lists blobs in blob window B that overlap blob A.

This tests the overlaps in a very specific sense, and was designed to count the blobs that are inside blobs from another image, or taken with another threshold. Blobs in image B that overlap a blob in A are those whose fiducial points are cooincident with a pixel of blob A, that is, that are in blob A if the images were overlapped.

Note that this is not commutative. As shown in the example, if blobs in image B are listed, they will show no overlaps, because the fiducial points of the large blobs are always OUTSIDE of the smaller interior blobs, even though, strictly speaking, the blobs do overlap.



Blob top

The blobs will be outlined in the blob outline_color (a parameter, defaults to green) after the operation is through. These outlines can be redrawn as needed with the Draw -> Outlines button.

Parameters top

These other parameters are set by other buttons or menus, and don't need to be changed via the parameters button:

List Info top

Prints general information on the blobs in the image. Here is an example.

Largest blob: #15, 32 pixels
155 blobs,          1478 total pixels
9 rejects,      9 total pixels


Blob Stats Window top

Makes (or pops if already there) a text window with the statical information about the blob last clicked. The statics are chosen with the Stats...-> Set Stats button, and are the same statistics printed in the table with the Stats...->Print Table button.

The information in this window will be replaced with new information when another blob is clicked. The window is save/cut/past-able. The top line is the coordinate of the mouse click.


Show top

 Draws the outlines of all of the blobs (less excluded blobs) with outline_color
Draws the maximum diameter of all blobs.
Labels all of the blobs by their index with the label_color.

Draws outlines of blobs selected by index or a statistical measurement.

 Sets the outline_color.
Sets the label_color
Selects additional images on which to draw outlines.
Outlines the 'bad' blobs - those that touch the edge and those excluded manually.

 Choose the statistics to measure. These are then available for selecting and plotting.
 Choose blobs to exclude from further analysis.
 Undo the exclude.

 Makes a new text window tabulating the statstics set above. For export into spread sheets.
 Prints a horizontal list of blob properties. A quick overview of the blobs.

 Histogram (one dimensional) of chosen statistic. Plot is same as hist2
Two dimensional scatter plot of two statistics.