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The stack image window is accompanied by a plot window, that will follow the image window when it is moved by dragging its title bar. The pair of windows might look something like this:


 The top window is the proile window, and the bottom is the image window. The profile shown in red resulted from clicking the image window at the small green circle. The coordinates are shown at the upper left of the profile window.

The stack is a result of reading in a series of RAE images and shrinking them. The window has been zoomed by dragging the grow square at its lower right (not visible unless you 'mouse' it).

Clicking on the plot window will display the slice corresponding to the x value in the plot window. The x value (slice number) and intensity value will be shown - see below:

Clicking on the profile window changes the image displayed, and shows the slice number and intensity in the plot window:

   The image is not shown for clicking at this location (green dot). The y value of the click does not matter. The data type of the slice displayed (16 bit integer in this case) is also shown.

Note that the profile is rough in the image above, but is smoother in the averaged profile:


 The smooth profile seen here is a result of averaging over all of the pixels in the square seen at left.

The small green dot is left over from clicking the image just before 'mousing' the rectangle.

The slices->windows can be used to make RGB overlays.

   Here are three slices that were copied to separate image windows, and enhanced using the scale... button, excliding 1% outliers.