MacLispix Menu Bar

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The menus on the left of the menu bar come with Macintosh Common Lisp. They are:

File menu:

Normal file handling capability found in most Mac applications. The files are normally LISP source code. This particular text editor displays lines of any length. Use the Edit->Word Wrap menu if necessary, to read text files.

(Use the HTML editor widget to convert PC/Unix type text files with line feeds to Mac format.)

Windows menu:

Lists all of the LISP windows (text, info dialogs and images) sorted into classes, and in order from the top. Selecting any window will bring it to the top. Includes Monitor window, which W window does not include.

This is handy for getting to windows you can't see. If lots of windows clutter the background, the top right window in the menubar -> hide others (while in MacLispix) is useful.

The W menu below lists either text windows or image windows.

Marks Menu

Puts bookmarks in text files. The marks are saved on quiting MacLispix. The marks appear in the menu for the front text window, and scroll the window to the mark when selected.

W menu:

Text windows only (except the Monitor window). With option key: image windows only. Very handy if you have a lot of image windows as well as text windows.

Use the Windows menu (above) to list all of the windows by class.

MLx menu:

Get on line help. Read image files. Make image processing buttons window. Load Widgets.