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For examination of numric pixel values.

All of these windows except the single-pixel window are text windows which can be typed into and saved to a file.

Pixels...Images collumn

The Pixels button in the images collumn makes a window that displays pixel values in all selected windows at the position of each mouse click. Analogous functions are available with the link button below.

Images (image windows) to be selected for examination include the front image window, and all other windows with the same image dimensions.

Pixels...Top image collumn

Clicking on the button makes one of these pixel examination windows:

The pixel examination window(s) may be linked with those of other image windows.

All of these items work with small auxilliary windows that display information every time the mouse is clicked on an image. Some of the windows show numerical values, some show a zoom or blow up of a small portion of the image. Several of these small windows can work at once on an image, thereby showing printed values of the pixels and the blow up at the same time. Mouse clicks can update auxilliary windows from more than one image by linking the images.

When any one of the auxilliary windows is present, a rectangle will follow the cursor around the front image. The size of the rectangular region is determined by the last use of the Rect... button. When linked with other windows, the rectangle will move around in those images too.


Single Pixel: For examination of single pixel values. Analogous to the Pixels button in the Images collumn.

Rect-> Stats: Shows statistics for rectangular region centered on mouse click, and with size defined by the Rect button.

Chart: Shows a print out of the pixel values within the rectangular region.

Blow Up

This makes a new window showing what is inside the rectangle cursor when the mouse is clicked. This fragment of the image may be copied with the Duplicate button, and then analyzed, saved, etc. as a normal image.

The blow up window causes a box to follow the cursor the image is the Front window, and the cursor is inside it. (Occasionally, the rectangle will not appear if the cursor is moved into the image too slowly. Move the cursor out and move it in again more quickly.)

Rect Cursor: Activates the rectangular cursor. When used in conjunction with the Link function, will show a rectangular cursor in two or more images at once. This is useful for comparing related images.


Pop: Brings all of the auxilliary windows to the front.

Close: Closes the selected auxilliary windows.

Close all: Closes all of the auxilliary windows without having to select them.