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Print Memory Quotas

The memory button is useful for two things: to allocate more memory to the Mac Heap space if the GZ cursor appears too often while displaying images, and to see how much of the LISP resources are being used by which images.

Pushing the memory dialog button prints a message something like this to the Listener:

The size of the LISP heap can be compared with the space that the images are occupying by using the Info button in the image or images collumn.

Increase Heap

The Mac heap grows as needed at the expense of the LISP heap, and it does NOT restore unneeded memory. The more images that are displayed at one time (actually the more image pixels that are displayed at one time - lots of small images count as one large one), the more space is grabbed by the Mac heap. Each 'grab' takes a few seconds, and the GZ cursor appears momentarily. If this is annoying, and if the LISP heap has enough memory to allocate another megabyte to the Mac Heap, click Yes in this dialog.