June 29, 2004

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Legacy versions of Lispix

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a public domain image analysis program for Windows & Macintosh,
written by David S. Bright , Microanalysis Research Group , NIST.

Lispix is an update of MacLispix, along with a port to Windows. Lispix is for NIST internal research, and is made available on an as-is basis. I welcome comments and requests and periodically post updates of the software, documentation and examples.

Features of Lispix:

  1. Data Cubes: Movies, Depth profiles, I/O of large data sets.
  2. Groups: Coordinated viewing, processing and measurements
  3. Color overlays, Scatter diagrams, RGB->HSV, complex->magnitude+phase, etc.
  4. Pixels: bit, byte, integer, RGB, real, complex.
  5. Statistical measurements. Signal / noise determinations.
  6. Special purpose Widgets: particle counting, Principal Component Analysis, generating Fractals and measurement of fractal dimension, Periodic Table, K-Ratio calculations and Log 3-band color display for x-ray maps, averaged and multiple line profiles.
  7. On line help included within Lispix: Short help on any button menu item by holding option key down. Longer help documents for some widgets.