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Lx02b 3/7/00
XY scatter plots reflect image scaling.
Added 'Arrange -> Redraw', 'Arrange -> Small titles on/off'

No more light colored buttons. Text visible when mouse is over them (PC)
Image list (select mode) alphabetized.
'Pick Color' list alphabetized.
RGB single pixel info - 'Info -> Single pixel on click' gives R,G,B and original window values.
Single pixel info collums placed better. Font changed to monospaced (:MODERN) for text output window on PC.
Font is Monaco on Mac. Monospaced already.
'Mosaic -> of folder' added to 'Process Folder' widget.
Thresholding of 8 bit image fixed.
'Navigate -> Scroll on' doesn't interfere with 'Rectangle -> Draw'. Neither do the pixel info on click operations, although
Drawing the rectangle will turn them off. I can change that if anyone wants.
Added mask button. Make masks from threshold, rectangle and parallelogram.
2 & 3 Variables: new buttons to click & select top image. Add mask buttons. Use mask for traceback.
Traceback now works with any mask. Make masks with rectangle or parallelogram.
Image names update (erase) properly.
Slope line tool added. Reads coordinates, slope and length of line 'moused' on xy plot in pixel and original image intensity coordinates.
Scaling with fixed limits defaults to global limits of the selected images.
Cleaned up control-help message window. No extra garbage. Made messages work for *ALL* buttons.
'Color -> change one color' now works properly with the mode button.
Made group mode button blue with white letters to avoid confusion with single mode.
Gray Scale button works according to mode button now.
More diagnostic messages to stats mask.
Removed ability to set a default file type for files with no extension. Too dangerous.
'File -> List extensions' added.
Sliders - more uniform code. Readout to image scaling. Working on having them pay attention to mode button.
Changed zoom so that single mode - zooms one image - ignores rest of group. (see mode button.)
Added 'Edit -> Collect Images' to make one big image out of small ones. A convenience for x-ray map analysis.
'Widgets -> Process Folder' has utilities to rename files by:
removing version numbers, et: dave.tiff;12 -> dave.tiff
adding leading zeros to numbers at the end of file names so that alphabetical order == numerical order
list ingfiles with non alpha-numeric characters in their file names
changing file extensions

Lx02e (* - important additions) | Lx Home
Miscl bugs
Fixed bug when 'Pick Color -> User Color' is canceled
Fixed RAS image file reader.
Default blob label color is now red rather than white. (couldn't see on PC).
Read as raw works. (Interface improvement planned.)
Stopped continuous redraw of 'Threshold slider'.
Demo image menus (first three) work now on Mac.
Set default read and write image directories work better.
Profile plot limits for non-square images now correct. - Would bomb when plotting in bottom of tall image.
Color sliders won't try to colorize an RGB image.
Koch fractal - window draws immediately after loading description from file.
Some image operations were called twice.Oops.
.Xray -> JEOL format no longer transposes images, or barfs when dealing with duplicate image names.
'Info -> Rect stats w/mask' now really pays attention to the image rectangle rather than doing the whole image.
'Arrange -> sort' and 'Arrange -> Tile' now work properly in 'Group Mode'.
'Arrange -> Squarify' selects windows correctly and doesn't complain on cancel.
* Profile tool. - averaged profiles, parallel or perpendicular to allignment line. Measures positions, lengths.
Profile along line, averaged perpendicular to line, adjustable width. Print option.
Cursor - shows realtime length from end, realtime position on plot. Handy for positioning perpendicular to edge for profiles across an interface.
PCA - double-float specs in a few places to avoid single-float oflo on PC.
Fixed error after 'Info -> Sizes & Limits' when there are no images.
Hough manual feedback tool widget. Click on spot in Hough transform and see line in the original image.
Gamma Slider - gamma correction for gray image level brightness. 'Color Slider -> Gamma'
* Raw image import/export utility. Byte, integer, real, and data cubes (recorded either as vectors or as images).
Convert 8 bit image to pix image type so that scaling will work. 'Adjust -> Byte to pix'.
RAE file format recognized on read.
'File -> Info & other formats' , 'RAE -> Open folder as cube'. (Can open a stack of RAE images and do PCA ).
'Demo - > Dart Board' test pattern.
Mean filter for floating point images floating point result. Mean filter with either integer or float result for integer images.
Median filter. (Any size kernel, integer and floats, but very slow. I can code up a faster algorithm if there is a call for it.)
Rank filter. (Any size kernel, integer and floats, but very slow. I can code up a faster algorithm if there is a *serious* call for it.)
Range filter. (Any size kernel. faster. Leaves zero pixel border, width is kernel radius.)
Arithmetic operations, trig, log, exponent, logical, etc.
Unsharp masking, Sobel filters, Rank Filters.
Widget to insert leading zeros to numbers at ends of file names. 'Widgets -> Process Folder', 'Change file names -> Leading zeroes'.
* Emispec .ser (series file, v3.x) data cube import utility.
Emispec .bin (gray level image file) import utility.
Color sliders can now be saved and restored from a file. Handy for regions of a data cube.
Data cube additions:
Crop all images to a rectangle
Keep slides only inside (spectral) region.
Crop to byte.
Save spectrum to text file.
* Principal Component Analysis: Print and plot Eigenvalues and vectors. Score Images. Reconstructions.
Accomodate image of vectors (each pixel is a spectrum) as well as a stack of images.
List max values of non-zero slices.
Added set color for small titles.
Added 'Widgets -> Pop Widgets' to bring buried widgets buttons to the front.
Added 'File ->Clear Defaults' and 'Show Defaults', rearranged menu.
Eliminated Thresh button. Most items moved to color slider button. Log-3-Band moved to KRatio Widget.
'Buttons' button added to all widget button windows to conveniently pop the main Lispix buttons
Rearranged 'Color' button, renamed it 'Color Slider'.
Added 'Rectangle -> Set Color'.
'File -> Info & Other formats' makes button window with Other formats and old 'Widgets -> File Info' buttons.
'Widgets -> PCA', 'Make Cube -> Cube-> PCA Cube' now works for unsigned images such as RAE.
Doc info for remainder of Demo items.
'Edit -> Collect images' now asks for collection name.
Four methods to sort images for selection: 'File -> Set sort method', when using 'File -> Open' in select or group mode.
Sliders no longer flicker when mouse is still.
Cube image windows now retain image file names for the slices (RAE and TIFF). Name shown on single slice slider.
Transpose in group mode now puts result images into their own separate group.
Draw rectangle pops the front image so that it is clear in which image to draw the rectangle.
New pixel statistics printout - tab delimited for export.
Centroid and other locations for xy scatter plot now given also in scaled coordinates, rather than just raw pixel coordinates.
More items added to the five light blue buttons 'Adjust', 'Edit', etc.
Image file reader ignores all unrecognized extensions. (Useful for 'File -> Open' in the 'All im mode'.)
Add 'Navigate -> Set box color' for visibility when scrolling thresholded images.
PCA widget combined with cube widget.
Progress monitor in 'Widgets -> K Ratio -> Load from .fini file'
Lower left 'Info' button renamed to 'Help'.
Default directorys remembered better.
Lx02f Lx Home
Bug fixes
Progress bar in 'Cube -> Load -> as Emispec series file' now works properly. No more negative times.
'Arrange -> Pop to front (all)' now works properly in 'single mode'
'Scale -> ..' behaves better if there are no pix windows.
'Arrange -> Two Image Op' was undefined. I've defined it.
Byte order for 2 byte TIFF images was goofed up on PC, probably after lx02c.
'Cube -> Sliders -> Scroll Mode' - default is now 'on'.
'Size to image' moved to 'Zoom' button. Added auto resize to image after zoom.
'Help -> File Locations' now lists the demo image locations.
'Profiles -> Output -> Plot Profile' printed some debugging info I forgot to remove.
'Arithmetic -> One Image Op, Two Image Op' renamed from 'Unary Op', and 'Binary Op'.
'File -> Info & Other formats -> TIFF - Header Info' now gives byte order of the file.
'Profiles -> Histogram'

4/23/01 DSB