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Mode Button

The button with four 'states'.

If this button confuses you, make sure it is in , and then leave it alone. Everything will work, but with only one image at a time. Otherwise, the button is good for handling images in groups.

Opening Images  See individual files. Choose one. See directories, Select one. See list of files. Select one or more. No grouping.  Same as select mode, but all images loaded at once are in the same group.  See directories. Select one. Will try to load every file in the folder as an image.
Any Image operation, and Tile, Info, etc.  Affects front image.  See list of images. Works on images you select.  Affects front image and all others in the same group  Affects all images.
 Color Slider (threshold, etc.)  Affects front image  Affects all images in group of slider.  Affects all images in group of slider.  Affects all images (but not navigators)
 Navigator  Same as group mode.   Same as group mode.   Scrolls images in group of navigator   Same as group mode.
 Zoom Affects front image.  Affects selected images and others in their groups  Affects front image and all images in its group.  Affects all images.

Navigators and sliders (thresholding, contrast enhancement, thermal scale, colorizer), are made for the front image only, regardless of the mode button.