Technical Guidelines Development Committee (TGDC)
Security and Transparency Subcommittee (STS) Teleconference *
August 7, 2007, 10:30 a.m.
Draft Minutes


1) Administrative Updates
2) Preparations for the TGDC meeting on August 17th
3) Other items
4) Next call August 14, 2007 at 10:30AM

Attendees: Alicia Clay, Allan Eustis, Angela Orbaugh, Helen Purcell, John Kelsey, John Wack, Mat Masterson (EAC), Patrick Gannon, Philip Pearce, Quynh Dang, Ron Rivest

Administrative and Other Updates:

  • IEEE has nominates Sem Kaner as their representative to the TGDC.
  • Preparations for the August 17th plenary are moving along.
  • Dr. William Jeffrey has announced his departure of NIST for September 3, 2007 - he will chair the plenary meeting.
  • The meeting web page is up <>. A CD with meeting material and the current VVSG will be mailed 8/9 Fed Ex. The plenary meeting will start at 11:30 a.m. ET on 8/17. Same procedures will be followed as planned for July 3rd meeting.
  • John W: There are lots of updates to the VVSG. We have received comments from NAS and NASED - they are unhappy with how the VVSG is written; they feel it is difficult to understand. [Although it is intended for manufacturers and test labs it is important that everyone can follow it.] We are working to clarify by writing better introductions and making requirements clearer.
  • John W: Will be calling Paul Miller s - would like election officials input in what they expect to get out of the document.
  • John W: We are re-wording the Access Control section of the VVSG - changing the requirements that begin "If possible by the voting system architecture.."
  • John W: We are working to clarify the IVVR section, there is still lots of confusion about the requirements for VVPR.
  • John W: All security sections have been revised in the VVSG to combine into fewer chapters.
  • John W: A change document will be put out for the VVSG- changes noted from previous versions. Most changes still coming will be technical edits.
  • Allan and John have been working on an Executive Summary/Supplementary Document with a spreadsheet that maps each requirement to applicable resolutions and a reference source (whether it's a new requirement or carried over from previous VVSG/VSS or federal standard). They will have this out as soon as possible.
  • Mat Masterson inquired about the approval process of the VVSG at the meeting - Allan stated that it would be approved by subcommittee sections. (The document will be approved by subcommittee sections as in the past.)
  • Mat also inquired about the approval process for the innovation class white paper - Ron Rivest suggested preparing a resolution to accept the white paper and forward to EAC for consideration (emphasizing the importance of innovation).
  • Allan: NIST will be meeting with the Board of Advisors in October to discuss VVSG.
  • Patrick Gannon brought up questions regarding the changes to the Electronic Records section. John Kelsey noted the important changes to this section:, primarily it was revised to remove duplication of requirements covered in the cryptography and reporting requirements sections and to clean up terminology.
  • The next STS teleconference scheduled for August 14 will be to go over the VVSG in brief. All TGDC members will be invited to participate.

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