HFP Subcommittee Teleconference
Friday, October 20, 2006, 2:00 p.m.


0. TGDC and EAC updates from Allan, John Wack

1. Discussion #3 of VVSG version 2 draft:
     - Section 3.2.7 Alternative Language
     - Section 3.2.9 Usability for poll workers
     - Section 3.3 Accessibility
     (see: http://vote.nist.gov/TGDC/hfpsections-090106.pdf)

3. Other progress and items, Sharon

Next telecon is Friday, November 3, 2 PM ET.

Participants: Alexis Scott-Morrison, Alice Miller, Allan Eustis, David Baquis, John Cugini, John Wack, Nelson Hastings, Sharon Laskowski, Sharon Turner-Buie, Tricia Mason, Whitney Quesenbery

Administrative Updates:

  • Allan: A big welcome to Tricia Mason. Will be sending an email about the TGDC December meeting. Paul Miller will be serving on the CRT subcommittee. There will be a reception for the December TGDC meeting on December 3, 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. EAC commissioners will be in attendance.

  • Allan: Will be distributing an updated listing of subcommittee teleconference meetings.

  • John W: In looking at the usability of VVPAT systems for election officials and for handling paper, he is considering reversing earlier decision and allowing paper spools and not banning them in the VVSG 07. TGDC members asked to provide comments. Rationale is that individual paper is difficult to handle, this would be easier for VVPAT records. The earlier concerns were over privacy. [NOTE: Good procedures on this would make a big difference.] Questions about what's possible versus what's logical because of privacy. If we rewrite this section, we could be scaling back on the high level of privacy requirements.

    We need a balanced score card to see what we're trading off. We're in an area of great compromise - we need to know what's worse - risk of privacy versus a paper record you can't count.

  • Sharon Laskowski: Internal deadline for the draft of this section is November 13. On the website by November 20th. Frozen on November 27th.

  • Sharon: Discussion in the working group about any new resolutions from the subcommittees. Sharon pointed out areas of continued work, work not necessarily in 07 but still important.

Discussion of VVSG Version 2 Draft

3.2.7 Alternative Languages

This section got muddled in VVSG 05. Some states needs this and some don't. We don't want to mandate to every vendor that they must have this capability - but if they have it this is what must be done. Add a statement about "if supporting language, then " No objections to comments

3.2.8 on privacy already covered so this section was skipped.

3.2.9 Usability for Poll Workers

This section is in the roughest shape of any of our sections. It was in a different place in VVSG 05, we're trying to pull it together. Operation - System must be easy to operate, easy to set up and break down, and have adequate documentation.

This is new material. Sharon L is talking to experts to help cover these concerns. There is also concern about testing this in a test lab. Experts may not be realistic. We need a "typical" poll worker. Statement added about documentation usefulness - "must be suitable for use at polling place." Maintenance - Old material, clean up, but same as before. No issues. Safety

Bullet "B" about quality control is not written very well. If we don't understand it, how can we test it. Maybe it should be removed. We should ask former committee members about it's intent, if not understandable, then remove it. Bullet "C" is good, maybe we should start with it.

NOTE: Reminder that this section is above and beyond what every system must do. Implication that all the usability requirements must apply to the accessibility systems.

3.3 Accessibility Requirements

Hasn't changed much since VVSG 05. It was really hashed out then.

3.3.1 General

Same as VVSG 05 with a little rewording.

3.3.2 Partial Vision [John C will be rewriting this section. NOTE: May want a new section on "Initiating use of voting system - mode selection aspect"]

Bullet "B" - Why is this here - "how will millimeters be calculated"? Because of comments from 05.
Bullets "C" & "D" - Should be required in paper as well (this maybe covered elsewhere). Maybe we should move these bullets to "Universal Section".
Bullet "D" - Adjustable contrast. A lot of material to back this up. It refers to an obsolete windows standard. Should we change it to say "color screens must be able to change to high contrast B&W"?
Bullet "E" - Scope needs to be limited.
Bullet "F" - Carried over from 05. Add comment about enabling or disabling audio video. May want to move this.

3.3.3 Blindness

No issues

3.3.4 Dexterity

No issues

3.3.5 Mobility

Comment received for VVSG 05 - Guarantee room for human assistant. Do we want to address this. David - Please respond to this issue via email

NOTE: For the next meeting we want to post that we invite access board members to participate.

3.3.6 Hearing

Moved a piece about hearing aids to this section

3.3.7 Cognition

New. No specific design issues. Discussion section includes specific features.

3.3.8 English Proficiency

Treated as a disability.

3.3.9 Speech


Next meeting November 3, 2006, 2:00 p.m. EST.



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