CRT Teleconference
Thursday, August 10, 2006

Participants: Allan Eustis, John Wack, Alan Goldfine, David Flater, Nelson Hastings, Philip Pearce, Max Etschmaier, Daniel Schutzer, Paul Miller, Wendy Havens


1) Administrative Updates: Allan Eustis

2) Test reports: David Flater and Stephen Berger (tentative)

3) Reconciliation of aliases and overvotes in write-ins: David Flater

4) FYI: retiring the term "ballot format": David Flater

5) Other Items

Administrative Updates:

  • Allan Eustis welcomes to our teleconference; Max Etschmaier (new NIST contractor for work in quality assurance); also Philip Pearce (one of two members joining the access board), and Paul Miller, in nomination to replace NASED charter member, Paul Craft who resigned as a result of his retirement from the State of Florida.

JW-Ron Rivest sent email suggesting NIST / STS look into the gaming standards

    • links to technical standards and setup validation
    • looks like there could be a "good amount" of overlap
  • Commissioners Martinez and Hilman suggested it might be good to add a "ad hoc sub-group" in the standards board. Four individuals named: JW Participated in a conference call with the EAC and standards board reps.
    • idea is to look at procedural issues related to VVSG
    • allows more participation among the EAC sub-committees
  • AE-HAVA; Alice Miller, Sharon Turner-Buie, Helen Purcell, and John Gale; are TGDC members representing Standards and Advisory Boards.

[Test reports deferred to later in the meeting ]

Reconciliation on aliases and over-votes:

  • David Flater discusses corrective actions on definition(s) re: double votes
  • add improvements to understand terminology more clearly
  • refer to Mike Shamos advice that reconciliation of aliases is handled by manual adjustment.
  • Robust reconciliation of aliases would imply that double vote resolution could be automated.

Term-ballot format:

  • revision to text; re: terms like ballot formatting, ballot style, ballot configuration
  • concern that terminology will be confusing
  • in some cases, such as "ballot formatting", term is not used (or very seldom) anymore JW-ad hoc standards group could have input in such a case
  • bottom line that it is better to use "ballot style" terminology consistent with VSS 2002

AE-status on "action item" list from David Flater and Stephen Berger

  • re: their outline of test report not in "harmony" with each other

Test reports

  • Mr. Berger not present on today's meeting, will defer to next teleconference
    • follow-up email to be sent out to Mr. Berger
    • action item; waiting to receive revisions from Mr. Berger

Other Items

Next scheduled meeting:
Thursday, August 31, 2006 at 10:00 AM EST




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