CRT Teleconference
Thursday, April 12, 2007
11:00 a.m. EDT
Meeting Minutes


1) Administrative updates (Eustis)

2) Reliability and Accuracy Benchmarks (Flater) .

3) QA/CM requirements (Goldfine) .

4) Ongoing Maintenance of Draft (Flater)

5) Any other items.

Note: The QA/CM paper (revision 3) is complete, pending CRT review. Track Changes (in the .doc file) documents all changes made since the plenary version.

Attendees: Alan Eustis, Alan Goldfine, Alicia Clay, David Flater, John Crickenberger, John Wack, Mat Masterson (EAC), Michael Kass, Paul Miller, Sharon Laskowski, Wendy Havens

Administrative Updates:

  • Allan Eustis: Voting team met on Wednesday, April 11, and went over some deadlines. By May 14 there will be a near final draft of the VVSG available on the web. On Sunday, May 20, there will be an informal reception at the hotel.
  • John Wack: At the team meeting, it was discussed what we needed to accomplish at the plenary meeting - we want to approve as much material of the VVSG as possible. John will send an email to the TGDC about our intentions. The only way we'll accomplish this is for the TGDC to come prepared, having read the material, and ready to discuss any complex issues.
  • Alan Goldfine: Due to the short deadlines these days, it may not always be possible to get documents for the weekly meetings send out a week before the meeting.

Latest News on Reliability and Accuracy Benchmarks (David Flater):

There are no modifications to this week's document from last week. David is currently waiting on feedback from the vetting Paul Miller is doing with NASED. Paul said the feedback he is receiving is pretty consistent. There might be small modifications, but nothing substantial. Based on this input, David will work to finalize document and harmonize to the official draft. He will make final changes to the draft in the time frame May 7 - 9. There will still be some opportunity for change before the July deadline. Paul Miller wanted to know if David planned on making any changes to the background assumption material that he had provided; only editorial changes, nothing significant. Some of the language Paul used will be used to help clear up some definitions.

Quality Assurance/Configuration Management (Alan Goldfine):

Please see the document referenced to in the email - the copy on the web does not include the track changes that were specifically left in.

There were quite a few editorial and formatting changes, but only a few major changes that are pointed out. First, on page 6, requirement 2.1-a regarding the quality assurance manual's delivery deadline was changed to remove the statement "delivered before the start of the design and development process". There is no time specification. Second, on page 8, the list of critical parts and components was changed based on conversation with Philip Pearce. We added to conditions for critical parts and components, 1) components whose failure would violate a voter's ability to vote independently and 2) would impede the usability of the voting system by all voters. These two components support usability and accessibility.

John Wack felt there were a few requirements that STS should review, such as physical identification of the system and the requirements about voting system configuration log.

Ongoing Maintenance of Draft (David Flater): Nothing new - made changes discussed last week.

Other Issues:

John Wack suggested a meeting to over issues of concern in the VVSG for each subcommittee before the plenary meeting on May 21-22.

There will be an STS meeting in two weeks on e-poll books. CRT and HFP are invited to participate in the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

[* Pursuant to the Help America Vote Act of 2002, the TGDC is charged with directing NIST in performing voting systems research so that the TGDC can fulfill its role of recommending technical standards for voting equipment to the EAC. This teleconference discussion served the purposes of the CRT subcommittee of the TGDC to direct NIST staff and coordinate its voting-related research relevant to the VVSG 2007. Discussions on this telecon are preliminary, pre-decisional and do not necessarily reflect the views of NIST or the TGDC.]



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