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2014 Cybersecurity Forum to Focus on Trusted Computing, Security Automation and Information Sharing
All Information Technology (ITL) Events
Alliance Donates Health IT Standards Directory to NIST
ANSI/NIST-ITL Standard Workshop
Biometrics Programs/Projects in ITL
BotNet Comments
Cloud Computing Forensic Science Workshop
Cloud Computing Forum & Workshop
Comments Requested on Draft Guide for Keeping Medical Information Secure on Mobile Devices
Comments Sought on Access Control Building Block
Computer Security Programs/Projects in ITL
Current FIPS
Cybersecurity and Innovation in the Information Economy
Cybersecurity Center Invites Feedback on Securing Medical Devices
Cybersecurity Center Project to Secure Health Information
Cybersecurity NOI Comments
Cybersecurity Programs/Projects in ITL
Cybersecurity Summit Technical Workshop
Cybersecurity, Innovation and the Internet Economy
Draft Guide Can Help Energy Companies Reduce Cyber Risk
Draft Guide Will Help Make WLANs More Secure
Draft Roadmap for Cloud Computing Technology
Eleven Companies Join as Partners in National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence
Energy Sector IDAM Use Case Meeting
Federal Funding Opportunity Solicits Projects That Support Online Privacy
Federal Information Processing Standards
Fifth Annual Health Information Security Conference Runs June 6-7
FIPS General Information
Five Pilot Projects Receive Grants to Promote Online Security and Privacy
Furlani Named Director of NIST’s IT Lab
Grants to Two States Will Support Improved Access to Services and Reduce Fraud
Health IT Mobile Device Use Case Meeting
High-Speed Quantum Key System Wins Research Award
history timeline
Identity Ecosystem Steering Group (IDESG) 9th Plenary Meeting
Information Technology Laboratory Homepage
Interagency Report Advocates Support for International Cybersecurity Standardization
InterNational Committee for Information Technology Standards
Internet Policy Task Force Cybersecurity Green Paper
ITL Cloud Computing Forensic Science
ITL Forensic Science Program
ITL Grants Program
ITL measurement science and engineering grant program
ITL Mission
ITL Opportunities
ITL pages tagged with chemistry/energy/math
ITL Surf Program
January Workshop to Focus on Safeguarding Health Care Information
Jeremy Grant Selected to Manage Establishment of National Program Office for NSTIC
July Workshop Devoted to Improving Usability of Health Care IT
Lockheed Martin Study: NIST Computational Tool Improves Product Testing and Saves Money
March Cloud Computing Meetings at NIST Discuss Impact on Mobile Devices, Forensic Science
March Workshop to Support Trusted IDs in Cyberspace
Math Programs/Projects in ITL
Michael D. Schroeder to Receive NIST/NSA Security Award
National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence
National Institute of Standards and Technology Initiates Development of New Cybersecurity Framework
National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) Pilots Grant Proposers’ Conference
National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) Privacy Workshop
National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) Public Meeting
National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) Public Meeting
National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace NSTIC Public Meeting Webast Archive
NCCoE Fall Open House
NCCoE Invites Collaboration on Energy Sector Cybersecurity Challenge
NCCoE Launches Building Blocks for Access Control and Mobile Devices
NCCoE Launches Building Blocks for Email Security and PIV Credentials
NCCoE Launches New Building Block
NCCOE NCEP Signing Ceremony
NCCoE Seeks Vendors to Develop Model IT Asset Management System for Financial Services Companies
NCCoE Seeks Vendors to Develop Model Systems for Controlling Access to IT Assets
NCCoE Speaker Series January 2015
NCCoE Speaker Series July 2015
NCCoE Speaker Series March 2015
NCCoE Speaker Series May 2015
NCCoE Summer Open House
Networking Programs/Projects in ITL
New Cybersecurity Center Kicks Off with Workshop
New Quantum Key System Combines Speed, Distance
New Report: Online Identity Projects are Creating More Options for Businesses, Individuals
News in ITL
Newsletter Page
Next Workshop on Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Framework is in Dallas, Sept. 11, 2013
NICE Issues Cybersecurity Workforce Framework for Public Comment
NIST Announces Funding to Form Steering Group to Support Trusted Identities in Cyberspace
NIST Announces Pilot Grants Competition to Improve Security and Privacy of Online Identity Verification Systems
NIST Announces Plan to Sponsor First Cybersecurity FFRDC
NIST Awards Contract to MITRE to Support Cybersecurity Center of Excellence
NIST Awards Grants to Improve Online Security and Privacy
NIST Can Help You 'MBARK' onto Better Biometric Systems
NIST Co-sponsors Biometrics Consortium Conference, Sept. 27-29 in Tampa, Florida
NIST Exhibits at FOSE 2013
NIST Hosts 2015 Cybersecurity Innovation Forum, Sept. 9-11 in D.C.
NIST Information Technology Professionals Recognized for Excellence
NIST Invites Comments on Challenges in Protecting Consumer Data
NIST Joins Task Force to Study Nexus Between Innovation and Privacy Policy
NIST Licenses Systems to Help the Blind ‘See’ Images
NIST Measures Challenges for Wireless in Factories
NIST Outlines Support for Health IT Initiative
NIST Releases Preliminary Cybersecurity Framework, Will Seek Comments
NIST Report Recommends New Privately Led Steering Group to Drive Trusted Identities in Cyberspace
NIST Requests Comments for Revising Its Electronic Authentication Guideline
NIST Requests Comments on a Draft Privacy Risk Management Framework
NIST Requests Comments on its Cryptographic Standards Process
NIST Seeks Comments on National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education Draft Strategic Plan
NIST Seeks Private-Sector Input at Cybersecurity Framework Workshop
NIST Signs Agreement to Enhance Cybersecurity Education Programs
NIST Solicits Proposals for 2013 Grants to Advance Trusted Identities in Cyberspace
NIST Special Publication Helps to Demystify Cloud Computing
NIST Votes for U.S. Approval of the Modified Office Open XML Standard
NIST Votes for U.S. 'Approval with Comments' on Office Open XML Standard to Meet International Voting Deadline
NIST, IAPP Host Privacy Engineering Workshop in September 2014
NIST, Partners Develop Testing Infrastructure for Health IT Systems
NIST’s FISMA Team Receives AFFIRM Leadership Award
NSTIC Applicant’s Conference
NSTIC Identity Ecosystem Governance Workshop
nstic public meeting webinar
NSTIC Steering Group FFO Proposers’ Webinar
NSTIC-03 NSTIC Cooperative Agreement Program for the Evaluation of Pilots Using Trusted Online Credentials for Accessing Government Services
October Workshop to Consider Future of Information and Communication Technology Supply Chain Risk Management
Participants Wanted for 2007 Text Retrieval Trials
Privacy Lecture Series
Programs/Projects in ITL
Protecting Computers at Start-Up: New NIST Guidelines
Registration Open for Biometrics Conference
Romine Named Director of NIST's Information Technology Laboratory
September NICE Workshop to Focus on Engaging Americans in Cyberspace Safety
Software Asset Management Workshop
Software Programs/Projects in ITL
Staff Directory
State and Local Government Cybersecurity Framework Webinar
State-Local Govt Cyber Framework Kickoff
Statistics Programs/Projects in ITL
Steering Group for Identity Ecosystem Hosts First Meeting
Text Retrieval Trials Focus on Searching Blogs and Legal Documents
Three NIST IT Leaders' Are Honored with 2013 Federal 100 Awards
Three NIST IT Staff Named To Top 15 "Forward-Thinking People in Government IT" List
Three Pilot Projects Receive Grants to Improve Online Security and Privacy
Usability in Health IT: Strategy, Research, and Implementation Agenda
Usability in Health IT: Technical Strategy, Research, and Implementation
Usability Programs/Projects in ITL
Vendors Sought to Develop Model System for Identity and Access Management for Financial Services Companies
Vendors Sought to Develop Model System to Monitor Security of Energy Industry Networked Control Systems
What ITL Does
White House Blog: Seeking Cybersecurity Framework Comments
White House Launches Plan to Create a Trusted 'Identity Ecosystem' for On-Line Commerce
Advanced Network Technologies Division
Advanced Network Technologies Division (ANTD)
Announcing DRAFT NIST SP500-267 A Profile for IPv6 in the U.S. Government - Version 1.0 (Draft 2)
ANTD assists in the completion of the IEEE 802.21 Media Independent Handovers (MIH) standard specifications
ANTD Current Opportunities
ANTD News Archive
ANTD Opportunities for Collaboration
Distributed Testbed for First Responders
Evaluation of Project 25 Inter-RF Subsystem Interface Behavior
Events in ITL - Advanced Network Technologies
First Test Labs for Next-Generation Internet Protocol (IPv6) Are Accredited
Frequency Converter Enables Ultra-High Sensitivity Infrared Spectrometry
Indoor Localization
Learn About the State of Federal Cloud Computing at NIST, July 7-10, 2015
Measurement Science for Complex Information Systems
Modeling Mine Mesh Networks
New Profile Lays Out Roadmap, Standards for Government Use of IPv6
News Archive
News in ITL - Advanced Network Technologies
NIST Aids Enhancement of the Security and Stability of the Internet’s Domain Name System
NIST Debuts New Approach to Ad Hoc Networks for First Responders
NIST High Assurance Domain Project
NIST Issues Draft IPv6 Technical Profile
NIST Quantum Cryptography
NIST RPKI Test and Measurement Tool
NIST Seeks Members for Three New Cloud Computing Working Groups
NIST Validation Program Tests Next-Generation Internet Products
NIST's Cloud Computing Roadmap Details Research Requirements and Action Plans
P25 ISSI Test Systems
Prior NIST Work in Public Safety Communications
Public Safety Network Requirements
Quantum Information Networks
Real Time Deployment of Mesh Networks
Revised NIST IPv6 Profile Released for Comment
Revision for Secure Domain Name System (DNS) Deployment Guide
RFID Interference Test Procedures
Spring DNSSEC Policy-to-Practice Workshop Held at NIST
Sriram Recent Publication
Staff Directory
Study of Proposed Internet Congestion-Control Mechanisms
Telecom Meeting to Focus on Emerging Networks
Tool Helps Write Rules for XML Communication
Two for One: NIST Design Enables More Cost Effective Quantum Key Distribution
Up-Scale: Frequency Converter Enables Ultra-High Sensitivity Infrared Spectrometry
USGv6 references
USGv6 Stakeholders Meet to Discuss Testing Program and Updated Protocol
USGv6 Testing Program
USGv6: Background
Video Signal Error Concealment
Internet & Scalable Systems Metrology Group
Border Gateway Protocol - Robustness and Security
Internet & Scalable Systems Metrology Group (ISSMG)
Internet Infrastructure Protection (IIP)
Big Data
NIST Request Comments on Its Big Data Framework Development
Biometrics Conference Meets Sept. 22–24 in Florida
Key to Security: Biometrics Standards
Key to Security: Biometrics Standards Video Transcript
New Protocol Enables Wireless and Secure Biometric Acquisition with Web Services Video Transcript
No Strings Attached: NIST Protocol Helps Communicate Biometrics from Anywhere
Cloud Computing
3.1 Open An Account
3.2 Close An Account
3.3 Terminate an Account
3.4 Copy Data Objects into a Cloud
3.5 Copy Data Objects Out of a Cloud
3.6 Erase Data Objects in a Cloud
3.7 VM Control: Allocate VM Instance
3.8 VM Control: Manage Virtual Machine Instance State
3.9 Query Cloud-Provider Capabilities and Capacities
4.1 Copy Data Objects between Cloud-Providers
4.2 Dynamic Operation Dispatch to IaaS Clouds
4.3 Cloud Burst From Data Center to Cloud
4.4 Migrate a Queuing-Based Application
4.5 Migrate (fully-stopped) VMs from one cloud-provider to another
5.1 Identity Management - User Account Provisioning
5.2 Identity Management - User Authentication in the Cloud
5.3 Identity Management - Data Access Authorization Policy Management in the Cloud
5.4 Identity Management - User Credential Synchronization Between Enterprises and the Cloud
5.5 eDiscovery
5.6 Security Monitoring
5.7 Sharing of access to data in a cloud
6.1 Cloud Management Broker
6.2 Transfer of ownership of data within a cloud
6.3 Fault-Tolerant Cloud Group
Abstract Submission
Abstract Submission Instructions
Announcement of Cloud & Accessibility Public Working Group Formation
Announcement of Three New Workgroups
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Business Use Cases
Case Uses Introduction
Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing CloudResearch Webcast
Cloud Computing Forum & Workshop II
Cloud Computing Forum & Workshop III
Cloud Computing Forum & Workshop IV
Cloud Computing Forum & Workshop VIII
Cloud Computing Forum and Workshop VIII
Cloud Computing News
Cloud Computing Workshop Playlist
Cloud Workshop V
Cloud WorkshopII Agenda
Contact / Feedback
Federal Cloud Technology Roadmap to be Introduced at Forum & Workshop, Nov. 2-4
Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program
Important Actors for Public Clouds
January 15-16 Cloud and Big Data Conference Video Available On Demand
NIST Cloud Computing Related Publications
NIST Cloud Computing Research Presentations
NIST Cloud Computing Working Groups Contact
NIST Defining the Expanding World of Cloud Computing
NIST Joint Cloud and Big Data Workshop
NIST Joint Cloud and Big Data Workshop Webcast
NIST Sponsors Second Cloud Computing Forum and Workshop Nov. 4-5
Project Media
Reference Architecture
Standards Acceleration to Jumpstart Adoption of Cloud Computing (SAJACC)
The Intersection of Cloud and Mobility
The Intersection of Cloud and Mobility Webcast
Upcoming Events
Use Cases
Cyber and Network Security
Combinatorial Methods for Software
Cyber and Network Security
Ontology for Mapping Platform Configuration in Security Properties
Security Content Automation Protocol
Security for Internet Systems and IETF
Technical Security Guidance Program
Computer Security Division
December 21, 2006
"Guide to Secure Web Services" Provides Blueprint to Safer Web 2.0
2010 HIPAA Conference-Overview
2014 Cybersecurity Education Meeting Emphasizes Presidential Ready to Work Initiative
2014 Cybersecurity Innovation Forum
2014 NICE Conference, November 5-6, 2014
2015 Cybersecurity Innovation Forum
2015 FISSEA Conference March 24-25 2015
24th Annual FISSEA Conference 2011
27th FISSEA Conference 2014
27th FISSEA Conference Webcast
2nd Cybersecurity Framework Workshop Webcast
2nd Privacy Engineering Workshop September 15-16 2014
3rd Cybersecurity Framework Workshop - July 10-12 2013 San Diego CA
3rd Cybersecurity Framework Workshop Webcast
4th Annual NICE Workshop September 17-19 2013
4th Cybersecurity Framework Workshop
4th Cybersecurity Framework Workshop Webcast
5th Cybersecurity Framework Workshop November 14-15 2013
6th Annual IT Security Automation Conference
6th cybersecurity framework workshop webcast
7th Annual IT Security Automation Conference
All ITL Computer Security Division Events
And Then There Were Five: Finalists Advance in NIST's SHA-3 Cryptography Competition
Annual IT Security Automation Conference Runs Sept. 27-29
April Workshop Focuses on Cybersecurity for Cyber-Physical Systems and Industrial Controls
Attribute Based Access Control Workshop July 17 2013
Belgium to Host First Conference for New Hash Algorithm Competition
Best Practices in Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management, October 1-2, 2015
Biometric Consortium Conference 2008 Will Be Held Sept. 23-25
Build Safety into the Very Beginning of the Computer System
Calling for Comments on Cybersecurity, Innovations and the Internet Economy
Certification and Accreditation Process for Federal Information Systems Transformed
Cloud Computing at NIST: Two New Draft Documents and a Wiki
Comments on Updated Guidance for Role-Based IT Security Training for Federal Employees Requested by Nov. 30
Comments Requested on Draft Guidelines for the Secure Deployment of IPv6
Comments Requested on Risk Management Publication
Comments Requested on Strategies to Mitigate Risk in the Federal ICT Supply Chain
Comments Sought on Draft Federal IT Security StandardComments Sought on Draft Federal IT Security Standard
Comments Sought on New IT Security Guides
Comments Sought on New Security Publications
Comments Sought on Revision of Federal ID Standard
Comments Sought on Updated Guide for Assessing Federal IT Security Controls
Commerce Department Proposes New Policy Framework to Strengthen Cybersecurity Protections for Businesses Online
Commerce Department Seeks Comments on Cybersecurity and Its Impact on Innovation
Comprehensive Database of Computer Vulnerabilities Now Available
Comprehensive Risk Assessment Guidance for Federal Information Systems Published
Computer Guide May Boost Security Testing Efficiency
Computer Researcher Named Distinguished Fellow of Information Security Group
Computer Security Division
Computer Security Division Staff
Computer Security Resource Center
Conference on Safeguarding Health Information Security, May 10-11
Continuous Monitoring Workshop
Cyber Security: Your Mother Was Right, Sharing is Good, And NIST Has Some Help on How
Cybersecurity for Cyber-Physical Systems Workshop
Cybersecurity for Direct Digital Manufacturing Symposium
Cybersecurity Framework Webcast
Cybersecurity Framework Workshop - April 3, 2013
Cybersecurity Framework Workshop - May 29-31 2013
Cybersecurity, Innovation and the Internet Economy
Designed-in Cybersecurity for Cyber-Physical Systems
Digital Crime-Fighters Face Technical Challenges with Cloud Computing
Dodson Receives ‘Federal 100’ Award for Cybersecurity Work
Draft Guidance on Improving Security of Home Computers
Draft Guidelines Released for IT Security Controls
Emerging Trends in Cybersecurity is Topic of March IT Security Trainers' Conference
Engineering for Privacy: NIST Workshop Meets April 9-10, 2014
Experts to Discuss Botnet Challenges, Steps for Prevention at May 30 Workshop
Federal Computer Security Program Managers' Forum
Federal Cryptography Guide Available for Comment
Federal ID Credential Security Standard Strengthens Authentication, Extends To Mobile Devices
Federal Information Systems Security Educators' Association Conference Meets March 27-29
Federal Mobility Technical Exchange Meeting
Filling the Gap: NIST Document to Protect Federal Information in Nonfederal Information Systems
Final Version of NIST Cloud Computing Definition Published
Financial Services Sector Signs Cybersecurity Research Agreement with NIST, DHS
FIPS 201-2 Webcast
FIPS 201-2 Workshop
FIPS 201-2 Workshop 2015
First Major Update to SP 800-53 Is Available for Public Comment
FISMA Project Manager Named to ISSA Hall of Fame
FISMA Project Manager Ron Ross Named to 2010 Federal 100 List
FISSEA (Federal Information Systems Security Educators’ Association) 26th Annual Conference
FISSEA: 2012 Conference
Four New Reports Update Security Content Automation Protocol
Framework Document on Cybersecurity Open for Public Comment
Free NIST Web-Based Program Manages the App Vetting Workflow
Guidance on Wireless Local Area Network Security is Close at Hand
Guidelines Issued for Certifying, Accrediting PIV Card Issuers
Health Information Security Conference to Run May 11-12 in D.C.
HIPAA Security Conference 2012 Webcast
How Secure Is Your Network? NIST Model Knows
How to Protect Your Web Server from Attacks
How-To Guide for Removing Data from Storage Media
ICT Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) Workshop
Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Workshop Video Available On Demand
Improving Security of Handheld IT Devices
Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security Workshop
Industry Partners Join the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence
IPv6 Guide Provides Path to Secure Deployment of Next-Generation Internet Protocol
IT Program Hopes to Foster Better Security Checklists
ITL - Computer Security Division Involvement with FOSE 2011 Conference
ITL Invited Lecture Series in Usable Privacy: Global Privacy Perspectives
July 27 Stakeholder Meeting Addresses Cybersecurity and Innovation
Launch of the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence Video Transcript
Learn About Navigating the National Cybersecurity Education Interstate Highway at NIST, Sept. 17-19
Lecture Series in Usable Privacy Global Perspectives
March Conference Focuses on New Trends in Cybersecurity and Information Security Education
May Conference to Discuss Safeguarding Health Information Through HIPAA Security
Meeting for the Mobile Device Security Technical Exchange Meeting
Mobile Device Security Technical Exchange Meeting
National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) Workshop
National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE): “Shaping the Future of Cybersecurity Education” Workshop
National Initiative For Cybersecurity Education (NICE)ly Comes to You
New Computer Security Guide Can Help Safeguard Your Small Business
New Draft Computer Security Document Focuses on Cloud Computing and Virtualization Technology
New HIPAA Tool Helps Organizations Meet Security Requirements
New NIST Document Offers Guidance in Cryptographic Key Generation
New NIST Guidelines Aim to Help IT System Developers Build Security In From the Ground Up — Public Comments Welcomed
New NIST Guidelines for Organization-Wide Password Management
New NIST Pub Can Help IT Managers Assess Security Controls
New NIST Publication Provides Guidance for Computer Security Risk Assessments
New NIST Publication Provides Security Guidance for WiMAX Technologies
New NIST Publication Recommends Best Fits Between Federal ‘Locks’ and ‘Keys’
New NIST Publications Describe Standards for Identity Credentials and Authentication Systems
New NIST Report Advises: Securing Critical Computer Systems Begins at the Beginning
New NIST Software Checks Performance of Biometrics Applications Against 2011 Standard
New Publication Fundamentally Changes Federal Information Security Risk Management
New Publication Offers Security Tips for WiMAX Networks
New Scoring System Protects Credit Card Transactions
New Tools to Help Configure Secure Operating Systems
New Version of Security Automation Protocol Includes Digital Trust Model
New Web Site Lists Validated Software Security Tools for Federal IT
News in ITL - Computer Security
NICE 2012 Workshop
NICE Conference and Expo 2015 November 3-4 2015
NIST Calls for Final Comments on Guide to Protecting Sensitive Information on Nonfederal Systems
NIST Calls for Suggestions to Speed Computer Incident Teams Responses
NIST Conference Will Explore the Role of New Information Systems in Organizations, May 22, 2014
NIST Co-Sponsors the 2012 Biometrics Consortium Conference
NIST Delivers Updated Draft Standards for Electronic Voting Machines
NIST Develops Experimental Validation Tool for Cell Phone Forensics
NIST Establishes National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence
NIST Fellow Ron Ross Honored With Inaugural McNulty Information Security Leadership Award
NIST Guide Details Forensic Practices for Data Analysis
NIST Helps Accelerate the Federal Government's Move to the Cloud
NIST Holds Third Cloud Computing Forum and Workshop, April 7-8
NIST Hosts September Meeting on Protecting Health Info Through HIPAA Security
NIST Issues Call for a New 'Hash' Algorithm
NIST Issues Cloud Computing Guidelines for Managing Security and Privacy
NIST Issues Draft Guide for Automating Computer Security Verification
NIST Issues Final Federal Biometric Specs
NIST Issues Final Version of Full Virtualization Security Guidelines
NIST Issues Four-Pack of Computer Security Pubs
NIST Issues Guidance for Federal Use of Secure Mobile Technology
NIST Issues Info Security Primer for Managers
NIST Issues Latest Guidelines for Teleworking Security
NIST Issues Major Revision of Core Computer Security Guide: SP 800-53
NIST Issues New Revision of Guide to Assessing Information Security Safeguards
NIST Makes Changes to Key Security Publication
NIST Meeting: Cybersecurity Is a Key Ingredient In the Manufacturing Mix
NIST Posts 51 Entries for New Hash Algorithm Competition
NIST Posts Initial Analysis of RFI Comments on Cybersecurity Framework for Critical Infrastructure
NIST Privacy Engineering Webcast Q&A
NIST Proposes New Privacy Controls for Federal Information Systems and Organizations
NIST Proposes Update to Digital Signature Standard
NIST Provides Draft Guidelines to Secure Mobile Devices
NIST Publishes Draft Cloud Computing Security Document for Comment
NIST Publishes Draft Implementation Guidance for Continuously Monitoring an Organization's IT System Security
NIST Publishes Final Guidelines for Protecting Sensitive Government Information Held by Contractors
NIST Publishes Guide for Monitoring Security in Information Systems
NIST Publishes Methods to Manage Risk in the Federal ICT Supply Chain
NIST Receives 64 Submissions for New ‘Hash’ Algorithm
NIST Releases Cybersecurity Framework Version 1.0
NIST Releases Draft Cloud Computing Technology Roadmap for Comments
NIST Releases Draft Outline of Cybersecurity Framework for Critical Infrastructure
NIST Releases Final Version of New Cybersecurity Recommendations for Government
NIST Releases Final Version of Revised Bluetooth Security Guide
NIST Releases Guide for Applying the Risk Management Framework to Federal Information Systems
NIST Releases Second Draft of Federal ID Credential Security Standard for Comment
NIST Releases SHA-3 Cryptographic Hash Standard
NIST Releases Test Framework for Upgrading Smart Electrical Meters
NIST Releases Two Wireless Security Guides, Requests Comment
NIST Releases Updates to Digital Signature Standard
NIST Removes Cryptography Algorithm from Random Number Generator Recommendations
NIST Requests Comments on Next Generation C/A Process for Information Systems
NIST Requests Comments on Updated Guide to Handling Computer Security Incidents
NIST Requests Public Comment on Proposed SHA-3 Cryptographic
NIST Requests Round Two Comments on its Cryptographic Standards Process
NIST Revises Guide to Use of Transport Layer Security (TLS) in Networks
NIST Revises Key Computer Security Publication on Random Number Generation
NIST Revises Software Patch Management Guide for Automated Processes
NIST Security Guide Walks Organizations Through the Mobile App Security Vetting Process
NIST Seeks Comments on Cryptography Standards Publication
NIST Seeks Comments on Draft Guide to Cloud Computing
NIST Seeks Comments on Security Control Catalog for Federal Information Systems and Organizations
NIST Seeks Comments to Final Public Draft of Major Federal Cybersecurity Document
NIST Seeks Info on User Experiences with Cybersecurity Framework
NIST Seeks Input in Advance of Request for Proposals to Support National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence
NIST Selects Winner of Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-3) Competition
NIST Shows On-card Fingerprint Match Is Secure, Speedy
NIST Software Security Patent to Help Improve Health IT Privacy
NIST Solicits Views, Ideas from Stakeholders for Cybersecurity Framework for Critical Infrastructure
NIST Special Publication Expands Government Authentication Options
NIST Test Proves ‘The Eyes Have It’ for ID Verification
NIST to Hold Cryptographic Key Management Workshop March 4-5
NIST To Host 4th Security Automation Conference and Workshop
NIST to Host Workshop on Cryptography for New Technologies
NIST Updates Automated Computer Security Validation Guidelines
NIST Updates Guidance on Network Attacks and Malware
NIST Updates Guidelines for Mobile Device Security
NIST Vetting Guide Helps in Testing Mobile Apps to Learn What They Really Do
NIST, DOD, Intelligence Agencies Join Forces to Secure U.S. Cyber Infrastructure
NIST, HHS Sponsor 7th Annual Conference on Healthcare Information Security
NIST’s NextGen PIV Card Strengthens Security and Authentication
NIST's Ron Ross is Named to InformationWeek Government Top 50 List
Non-Invasive Attack Testing Workshop
October IT Security Automation Conference to Highlight Healthcare IT, Cloud Computing
Privacy Engineering Workshop Webcast
Privacy Engineering Workshop, April 9-10, 2014
Proposed Risk Management Guidelines Aim to Bolster Security of Federal ICT Supply Chains
Public/Private Leaders Collaborate on Ways to Fight Botnets
Registration Opens for the Next Cybersecurity Framework Workshop
Revised Security Guidelines Provide Strategy for Government Mobile Device Management
Revision of SP 800-53 Addresses Current Cybersecurity Threats, Adds Privacy Controls
Role-Based Training for IT Security Is the Topic of March Educators’ Conference
Safeguarding Health Information Building Assurance through HIPAA Security September 2014
Safeguarding Health Information Building Assurance through HIPAA Security September 2015
Safeguarding Health Information: Building Assurance through HIPAA Security
Safeguarding Health Information: Building Assurance through HIPAA Security - 2013
Safeguarding Health Information: Building Assurance through HIPAA Security - 2014 Webcast
Safeguarding Health Information: Building Assurance through HIPAA Security 2013 Webcast
Safer Net Surfing Is Goal of NIST Domain Name Security Experts
Second Cybersecurity Infrastructure Framework Workshop Gathers May 29-31, 2013
Securing a Public Safety Broadband Network with Identity Management
Security Automation Developer Days – Spring 2011
Security First: New NIST Guidelines on Securing BIOS for Servers
Seventh Annual IT Security Automation Conference Runs Oct. 31- Nov. 2
Shaping the Future of Cybersecurity Education
Software Features and Inherent Risks: NIST's Guide to Rating Software Vulnerabilities from Misuse
Software Helps Developers Get Started with PIV Cards
Sorting Diamonds from Toothbrushes: New Guide to Protecting Personal Information
Steven Bellovin to Receive NIST/NSA Security Award
Submissions Requested for Crypto Hash Workshop
Tailoring Computer Security for Industrial Controls
Technical Aspects of Botnets Workshop
The 2012 Biometric Consortium Conference
The National Cybersecurity Center Seeks Comments on Energy Industry Security Scenarios
The NIST Role in Role-Based Control: A 20th Anniversary Appraisal
Third Annual NICE Workshop Adds a Virtual Cyber Threat Training and Competition Track
Trusted Geolocation in the Cloud Technical Demonstration
Two New Publications Provide a Cloud Computing Standards Roadmap and Reference Architecture
Two New SCAP Documents Help Improve Automating Computer Security Management
Two NIST Computer Security Professionals Named to 2009 Federal 100 List
Two Publications Recommend Organization-Wide IT Security Risk Management
Two Updated Guides Provide Latest NIST Recommendations for System Patches, Malware Avoidance
Updated Computer Security Publication Focuses on Security Assessment Plans
Updated Information Security Performance Measurement Guide Published
Updated NIST Guide is a How-To for Dealing With Computer Security Incidents
Updated NIST Guide Provides Computer Security Assessment Procedures for Core Security Controls
Updated NIST Software Uses Combination Testing to Catch Bugs Fast and Easy
Updated Recommendations for Protecting Wireless, Remote Access Data
Updated Specification Issued for PIV Card Implementations
Upgraded Software Makes ID Verification Testing Easier
Upgraded Vulnerability Database Enables Advances in Security Automation
Vegas ‘Quantum Spookshow’ Demos On-the-Fly Encryption of Streaming Video
Virgil Gligor to Receive NIST/NSA Security Award
Vulnerability Database Hits 20,000 Software-Flaw Mark
Wake-Up Call: Draft Security Pub Looks at Cell Phones, PDAs
Watch Webcast Today: U.S. Commerce Secretary, White House Cybersecurity Coordinator to Visit Silicon Valley to Discuss Next Steps in Cybersecurity
Workshop to Aim for Security, Accessibility in Future Voting Systems
BRC - BioAPI Conformance Test Suite
BRC - BioCTS in the Cloud
BRC-BioCTS for ISO/IEC Biometric Data Interchange Format Standards and Selected PIV Profiles
BRC-Biometric Conformance Test Software (BioCTS)
BRC-CBEFF Background
BRC-CBEFF Conformance Test Suite
BRC-NIST/ITL's Biometric Application Programming Interface (BioAPI) CTS Download
BRC-Systems and Emerging Technologies Security Research Group Biometric Standards and Related Technical Developments
Conference to Highlight New Biometric Technologies
The Biometrics Resource Center Website
Cryptographic Technology Group
2012 NIST/NSTIC IDtrust Workshop
Beacon Project - Unpredictable Sampling
Beacon Project-New Secure Authentication Mechanisms
Beacon Project-Secure Multi-party Computation
CETA 2011 Abstracts
CETA 2011-Agenda
Cryptographic Applications and Infrastructures
Cryptographic Hash Algorithm Competition
Cryptographic Key Management Workshop 2010
Cryptographic Key Management Workshop 2012
Cryptographic Key Management Workshop 2014
Cryptographic Key Management Workshop 2014 Webcast
Cryptographic Standards Development Process Review
Cryptographic Technology Group
Cryptographic Toolkit
FIPS 201-2 Workshop 2012 (Revised Draft)
Future of Voting System Symposium
Future of Voting System Symposium-Agenda
Future of Voting Webcast
Identity and Trust on the Internet (IDtrust) Symposium 2011
Lightweight Cryptography Workshop 2015
NIST Randomness Beacon
Privacy Enhancing Cryptography 2011 Agenda
Privacy-Enhancing Cryptography Meeting
Random Bit Generation Workshop 2012
Second SHA-3 Candidate Conference
Security Aspects of Electronic Voting
SHA-3 2014 Workshop
Third SHA-3 Candidate Conference
UOCAVA 2010 Workshop - Agenda
Updated Federal Guide on Cryptography Available
Workshop on Cryptography for Emerging Technologies and Applications
Workshop on Cybersecurity in a Post-Quantum World
Workshop on Elliptic Curve Cryptography Standards
Workshop on Elliptic Curve Cryptography Standards Webcast
Workshop on Improving Trust in the Online Marketplace
Workshop on Improving Trust in the Online Marketplace - Abstracts
Workshop on Improving Trust in the Online Marketplace-Agenda
Workshop on UOCAVA Remote Voting Systems
Security Components and Mechanisms
Automated Combinatorial Testing for Software (ACTS)
Biometric Standards Program and Resource Center
Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC)
National Checklist Program
Security Components and Mechanisms Group
Security Configuration Checklists for Commercial IT Products
Security Outreach and Integration
Awareness, Training, Education (ATE) and Professional Development
Federal Computer Security Program Managers' Forum (Forum)
Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) Implementation Project
Federal Information Systems Security Educators' Association (FISSEA)
Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board (ISPAB)
Program Review for Information Security Management Assistance (PRISMA)
Security Outreach and Integration Group
Small Business Corner (SBC)
Secure Systems and Applications
Access Control Policy Tool (ACPT)
IT System and Network Administration
Mobile Security and Forensics
Model Driven Security Functional Testing
Personal Identity Verification (PIV) of Federal Employees and Contractors
Secure Systems and Applications Group
Security Testing, Validation and Measurement
Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program
Cryptographic Module Validation Program (CMVP)
National Vulnerability Database (NVD)
Security Testing, Validation and Measurement Group
Techniques for Security Risk Analysis of Enterprise Networks
Complex Systems
Complex Systems Events
Complex Systems Image of the Month
Complex Systems Presentations
Complex Systems Program
Complex Systems Publications
Deliverables of the Complex Systems Program
IMS Visualization
Enabling Scientific Discovery
Enabling Scientific Discovery Program
NIST Withdraws Outdated Data Encryption Standard
NCCoE Seeks Comments on Mobile Device Security Building Block
Information Access Division
A User-Centered Approach to Designing Electronic Health Records
Accessible Voting Technology Research Workshop Webcast
Accessible VotingTechnology Research Workshop
AVTR Workshop Program
Biometrics Programs/Projects in Information Access
Cloud Computing Forum & Workshop V Meets June 5-7 at the Department of Commerce
Creating Usable Electronic Health Records (EHRs): A User-Centered Design Best Practices Workshop
Data Science
Data Science Symposium 2014
Events in ITL - Information Access
Handheld Touch Screen Device May Lead to Mobile Fingerprint ID
Image Group
Information Access Division
Information Access Division Highlights
Information Access Division Highlights - 2011
Information Access Division Highlights - 2012
Information Access Division Highlights - 2013
Information Access Division Highlights - 2014
Information Access Division Highlights - FY 2005
Information Access Division Highlights - FY 2006
Information Access Division Highlights - FY 2007
Information Access Division Highlights - FY 2008
Information Access Division Publications
Information Access Division Staff
Information Retrieval Research Conference Adds Tracks on Medical Records, Crowd-sourcing and Micro-blogging
International Biometrics Conference to Meet at NIST March 2-4
International Community Gathers at NIST in March to Discuss Biometric Performance and Testing
Iris Recognition Report Evaluates 'Needle in Haystack' Search Capability
March Workshop at NIST to Focus on Preserving Our Digital Data
New NIST Biometric Data Standard Adds DNA, Footmarks and Enhanced Fingerprint Descriptions
News in ITL - Information Access
NIST Biometric Workshop Studies Voice, Dental, Oral Standards
NIST Issues Guidance for Pediatric Electronic Health Records
NIST Panel Expands Recommendations for Use of Electronic Health Records in Pediatrics
NIST Releases Technical Guidance for Evaluating Electronic Health Records
NIST Seeks Health Record System Manufacturers to Assist in Usability Testing
NIST Study Advances Use of Iris Images as a Long-Term Form of Identification
NIST Workshop to Advance Usability in Electronic Health Records
NIST: Performance of Facial Recognition Software Continues to Improve
Not Just a Pretty Face: Bodies Provide Important Cues for Recognizing People
Nothing Says You Like a Tattoo: NIST Workshop Considers Ways to Improve Tattoo Recognition
Presentations - 2014 NIST Data Science Symposium
Researchers Give High Marks to New Technology for Fingerprint Identification
Saying ‘Cheese’ for More Effective Border Security
Text Retrieval Conference 2012 Seeks Information Retrieval Experts for Data Digging
Text Retrieval Expert Named Distinguished Scientist by Computing Group
Two NIST Standards Experts Are Honored With 2013 ANSI Leadership and Service Awards
Usability Standard Achieves International Status
Video Analytic Measurement
Who Are You? Mobile ID Devices Find Out Using NIST Guidelines
Who Are You? NIST Biometric Publication Provides Two New Ways to Tell Quickly
Image Group
ANSI/NIST Standard 2010 workshop Archive
ANSI/NIST Standard Workshop 2013
ANSI/NIST/ITL 1-2011 Update:2015 Kickoff Meeting
ANSI/NIST-ITL and the Canvass Method
ANSI/NIST-ITL Standard 2010 Workshop Overview
ANSI/NIST-ITL Standard History
ANSI/NIST-ITL Standard Presentations and Documents for 2007/2008 Versions
ANSI/NIST-ITL Standard Profiles and Implementations
ANSI/NIST-ITL Standard References
ANSI/NIST-ITL Standard Working Groups
ANSI/NIST-ITL Standard Workshop 2013
ANSI/NIST-ITL Supplemental - Dental and Oral Forensics
ANSI/NIST-ITL Workshop 2011
ANSI/NIST-ITL Workshop March 2011
BiomAPP - NIST Biometric Data Interchange Format Software Tools
BiomDI - Software tools supporting Standard Biometric Data Interchange Formats
Biometric Compression Information
Biometric Consortium Conferences Presentations
Biometric Evaluation Framework
Biometric Evaluations Homepage
Biometric Quality Homepage
Biometric Quality Reading Material
Biometric Quality Workshop I
Biometric Quality Workshop I presentations
Biometric Quality Workshop II
Biometric Quality Workshop II Presentations
Biometric Scores Set
color FERET Database
Contactless Fingerprint Capture
CRADA Program: Contactless Fingerprint Capture Device Measurement
Development of NFIQ 2.0
ELFT-EFS Evaluation 1
ELFT-EFS Evaluation 2
Encrypting Software/Data for Transmission to NIST
Face and Ocular Challenge Series
Face Challenges
Face Homepage
Face in Video Evaluation (FIVE)
Face Recognition Grand Challenge (FRGC)
Face Recognition Technology (FERET)
Face Recognition Vendor Test
Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) 2002
Face Recognition Vendor Test 2006
Face Recogntion Vendor Test (FRVT) 2000
Fast Capture
Fast Tenprint Capture
FERET Documents
Fingerprint Comparison
Fingerprint Minutiae Viewer (FpMV)
First Large-Scale Evaluation of Iris Recognition Under Way
FpVTE 2003
FpVTE 2003 Evaluation
FpVTE 2003 Evaluation Plan
FpVTE 2003 FAQ
FpVTE 2003 Supporters and Sponsors
FpVTE 2012
FpVTE Overview
FRGC Presentations and Documents
FRVT 2013
FRVT Documents
IBPC 2010
IBPC 2012
IBPC 2012 Presentations
IBPC 2014
IBPC2010 Presentations
IBPC2014 Presentations
ICE - Iris Challenge Evaluation
ICE 2006 Frequently Asked Questions
ICE 2006 Workshop
ICE Documents & Presentations
Image Group
Image Group Archived Publications
Image Group Fingerprint Overview
Image Group Fiscal Year 2006-2008 Publications
Image Group Fiscal Year 2009 Publications
Image Group Fiscal Year 2010 Publications
Image Group Fiscal Year 2011 Publications
Image Group Fiscal Year 2012 Publications
Image Group Fiscal Year 2013 Publications
Image Group Fiscal Year 2014 Publication
Image Group Staff
Image Group Workshops/Conferences/Talks
INCITS Standardized Biometric Data
IREX datasets
IREX III homepage
IREX IV homepage
IREX Overview
IREX V Homepage
IREX VII Homepage
Iris Device Qualification Test
Iris Image Quality Reading
Iris Recognition Homepage
IXE Lab Infrastructure
Latent Testing Workshop 2009
Latent Testing Workshop 2006
Latent Testing Workshop 2006 Presentations
Latent Testing Workshop 2009 Presentations
Legacy - Neural Networks
Legacy - OCR Conferences
Legacy - OCR homepage
Legacy - OCR papers
Legacy - Optical Information Processing papers
Legacy projects Homepage
MBE Multiple Biometric Evaluation
MBGC Presentations
MINEX Compliant List
MINEX II Validation
MINEX III - What's New
MINEX Overview
MINEX04 Homepage
Mobile ID AD Hoc Work Group
Multiple Biometric Grand Challenge
Next Generation Fingerprint Technologies
OASIS Biometrics TC Kickoff
Odontology Homepage
One-to-Many Multimodal Fusion Package
Ongoing MINEX
Ongoing MINEX Evaluation Results
Ongoing MINEX Participation
Ongoing MINEX Status
Participation in MINEX III
Past and current work on image-based tattoo recognition
PATRIOT Act Research
PFT Overview Page
PFT Testing Status
PFTII Encryption
PFTII Homepage
PFTII Results
PFTII Validation
Point and Shoot Face Recognition Challenge (PaSC)
Public Domain OCR
SC 37 schema
Slap Fingerprint Segmentation 2004 Issues
Slap Fingerprint Segmentation Evaluation 2004
Slap Fingerprint Segmentation Evaluation 2004 API Specification
Slap Fingerprint Segmentation Evaluation II
Slapseg Overview
Slapseg04 Examples
SlapSeg04 FAQ
Slapseg04 Test Plan
SlapSegII Calendar
SlapsegII Encryption
SlapsegII FAQ's
SlapsegII Results
SlapSegII Validation
Special Database 27a
Special Database 32 - Multiple Encounter Dataset (MEDS)
Special Databases
Statistical Friction Ridge Analysis (SFRA)
Tatt-c 2015 workshop Proceedings
Tattoo homepage
Tattoo Recognition Technology – Challenge (Tatt-C)
Tattoo Recognition Technology- Challenge (Tatt-C) Webinar
Tattoo Recognition Technology- Challenge (Tatt-C) Workshop
Video-based Automated System for Iris Recognition (VASIR)
WSQ Bibliography
WSQ Compliance Guidelines
WSQ Compliance Guidelines redirect
Multimodal Information Group
2010 Technology Symposium for Video Surveillance Techniques for Retail Security
2011 Language Recognition Evaluation
2012 Multimedia Event Recounting Track
2013 Multimedia Event Recounting Track
2015 Language Recognition Evaluation
Advanced Video and Signal Based Surveillance
Benchmark Tests
BEST Evaluation of Speaker Technology
Broad Operational Language Translation (BOLT)
Broad Operational Language Translation (BOLT) Phase 1
Broad Operational Language Translation (BOLT) Phase 2
Broad Operational Language Translation (BOLT) Phase 3
Data Science
Data Science Evaluation
Human Assisted Speaker Recognition
Investigatory Voice Biometrics
i-vector Challenge
Language Recognition
LRE11 Results
Machine Translation Evaluation for GALE
Machine Translation Program
MED 11 Data Use FAQ
MED 11 Data Use FAQ3
MED 2013 Evaluation
MED 2014 Evaluation
MED 2015 Evaluation
MED_MER 2014 Evaluation FAQ
Metrics for Machine Translation 2010 Evaluation
Metrics for Machine Translation Evaluation
Multilingual Automatic Document Classification and Translation Evaluation
Multimodal Information Group
Multimodal Information Group- Staff
NIST Open Speech-Activity-Detection Evaluation
Open Keyword Search Evaluation
Open Machine Translation Evaluation
OpenHaRT 2010 Information Page
OpenHaRT 2012 Information Page
OpenHaRT 2013 Information Page
OpenHaRT 2013 Workshop Proceedings
OpenKWS Data FAQ
OpenKWS13 Dry Run Instructions
OpenKWS13 Evaluation
OpenKWS13 Evaluation Workshop Registration
OpenKWS14 Dry Run Instructions
OpenKWS14 Evaluation
OpenKWS15 Dry Run Instructions
OpenKWS15 Evaluation
OpenMT12 Evaluation
OpenMT12 Evaluation Results
OpenMT15 Evaluation
Rich Transcription Evaluation
Speaker and Language Recognition Projects
Speaker Recognition
Speaker Recognition Evaluation 1996
Speaker Recognition Evaluation 2010
Speaker Recognition Evaluation 2012
Speech Analytics
SRE10 Results
SRE12 Results
TRECVID 2014 Evaluation for Surveillance Event Detection
TRECVID 2015 Evaluation for Surveillance Event Detection
TRECVID Multimedia Event Detection 2010 Evaluation
TRECVid Multimedia Event Detection 2010 Evaluation (Stub)
TRECVID Multimedia Event Detection 2011 Evaluation
TRECVID Multimedia Event Detection 2012 Evaluation
TRECVid Multimedia Event Detection Evaluation Track
TRECVid Multimedia Event Recounting Evaluation Track
TRECVID Surveillance Event Detection Data Page
TRECVid Surveillance Event Detection Evaluation Track
Video Analytics
Video Surveillance Technologies for Retail Security
Video Surveillance Technologies for Retail Security Symposium
Retrieval Group
Content-Based Access to Unstructured Information
Retrieval Group
Retrieval Group Home page
Retrieval Group Staff Listing
Visualization & Usability Group
acquisti bio-lecture
bellamy bio-lecture
cavoukian bio-lecture
Industry Usability Reporting
Interactive Intelligent Systems
IUSR Original Participants
IUSR Original Participants by Org
IUSR Papers and Publications
Password Usability Research
Past Projects
Privacy in the Digital Age_ Lecture Series
rich bio-lecture
Solove bio-Lecture
Soren Bio-Lecture
Visualization & Usability Group Publications
Visualization & Usability Group Publications - Biometric Usability
Visualization & Usability Group Publications - Historical
Visualization & Usability Group Publications - Usable Security
Visualization & Usability Staff Listing
Visualization and Usability Group
Visualization and Virtual Reality for Manufacturing
Web Metrics
Biometrics and Usability
Identity Management Systems Program
Face and Iris Testing
Fingerprint Technology Testing for Identity Management
Global Large-scale eID Landscape
Identity Credential Interoperability
Identity Management Systems Program
Identity Management Systems Research & Development
IDMS Standards Activities
MBARK: Multimodal Biometric Application Resource Kit
Multimodal Biometrics
Research for Next Generation Biometric Measurements and Standards (NGBMS) for Identity Management
Usability for Biometric Systems
Information Discovery, Use and Sharing
Computational Biology Project
Information Discovery, Use, and Sharing
Applied and Computational Mathematics Division
‘Combinatorial’ Approach Squashes Software Bugs Faster, Cheaper
µMAG: Micromagnetic Modeling Activity Group
Algorithm Advance Produces Quantum Calculation Record
Applied and Computational Mathematics Division
Cloud Computing and Big Data Intersect at NIST, January 15-17
Collaborations with Quantum Communications Research
Concrete Flow Researchers to Use Argonne Supercomputer
Employment Opportunities
Events in ITL - Mathematical and Computational Sciences
Foundations of Measurement Science for Information Systems
Helping Quantum Computers Study the Physics of the Universe--descriptive text
IFIP Working Conference on Uncertainty Quantification in Scientific Computing
International Conference on Special Functions in the 21st Century
Math Programs/Projects in Mathematical and Computational Sciences
Mathematics of Metrology: Foundation and Applications
Mathematics Programs/Projects in Mathematical and Computational Sciences
McFadden Named 2012 SIAM Fellow
MCSD Product Lifecycle
New Math Technique Improves Atomic Property Predictions to Historic Accuracy
New Quantum Computing Algorithm Could Simulate Giant Particle Accelerators
News in ITL - Mathematical and Computational Sciences
NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions Receives IT Award
NIST Expert Software 'Lowers the Stress' on Materials Problems
NIST October Workshop to Explore Intersection of Cloud Computing and Mobility
NIST Releases Preview of Much-Anticipated Online Mathematics Reference
NIST Releases Successor to Venerable Handbook of Math Functions
NIST Shows New Device Could Improve Fiber-Optic Quantum Data Transmission
NIST Team Awarded Millions of Supercomputing Hours, Aims for 'Concrete Results'
NIST-UMD Workshop on Quantum Information and Computer Science (QuICS)
Postdoctoral Opportunities
Quantum Communications Research Team
Quantum Computers Will Be Able to Simulate Particle Collisions
Quantum Computers Will Require Complex Software to Manage Errors
Quantum Computing Programs/Projects in Mathematical and Computational Sciences
Quantum Physics Could Make Secure, Single-Use Computer Memories Possible
Scientific Computing Programs/Projects in Mathematical and Computational Sciences
Sevenfold Accuracy Improvement for 3-D 'Virtual Reality' Labs
Staff Directory
Student Employment Opportunities
Supercomputer Simulations Yield Method for Predicting Behavior of New Concrete Formulas
The Vivid Realism of 3D Functions, Right There on Your Browser
Theorists Close In on Improved Atomic Property Predictions
Visualization Programs/Projects in Mathematical and Computational Sciences
Computing and Communications Theory Group
Computing and Communications Theory Group
Network Modeling Software
NIST - Bell Labs Workshop on Large-Scale Complex Networks
High Performance Computing and Visualization Group
3D Chemical Imaging at the Nanoscale
3D Desktop
3D Desktop Multimedia Page
3D in Web Pages
Cell Image Visualization
Computation of Atomic Properties with the HyCI Method
Computation of X-Ray Absorption
Dielectric Breakdown
Dielectric Breakdown Visualization
DiVisa Multi-Dimensional Information Visualization Software
Elastic Properties of Concrete
Energy Spectrum of Ultracold Atoms in a Synthetic Magnetic Field
High Performance Computing
High Performance Computing and Visualization Group
Highlight: Supercomputer Time to Study Concrete Flow 2/12
Highlight: Supercomputer Time to Study Suspensions, Feb 2013
HPCVG Publications and Presentations
HPCVG Software
Immersive Display Test Images
IMPI: Interoperable MPI Standard
Information Visualization
IRIS & IDEA Software
Lattice Boltzmann Method
Measuring 3D Rendering Errors
Measuring Errors in Polygonal Representations of Surfaces
Medical Image Visualization
Modeling of Cement Paste Hydration and Microstructure Development
Multimedia for The Visualization of High Performance Concrete
Multimedia for The Visualization of Nanostructures
Nanostructure Modeling
Optical Characterization of Immersive Displays
OSG multi-card scaling problem
Parallel Phase Field Method
Publications for Nanostructure Modeling
Publications for Visualization of High Performance Concrete
Publications for Visualization of Nanostructures
Publications on Rheology
ScreenSaver Science
Sub Project Skeleton Page
Tracker Calibration
Tracker Calibration: Multimedia
Visualization and Analysis of the National Vulnerability Database
Visualization and Analysis of the National Vulnerability Database: Multimedia Page
Visualization Metrology
Visualization of Biological Images
Visualization of Biological Images: Multimedia
Visualization of Body Area Networks
Visualization of Body Area Networks: Multimedia Page
Visualization of Bose-Einstein Condensates
Visualization of Cement Paste Hydration and Microstructure Development
Visualization of Dendritic Growth
Visualization of Dielectric Response Function in Compound Semiconductors
Visualization of Electro-Magnetic Fields in Photonic Crystals
Visualization of Fire and the Deformation of Structures Due to Fire
Visualization of Fire and the Deformation of Structures Due to Fire: Multimedia Page
Visualization of Fluid Flow
Visualization of High Performance Concrete
Visualization of Nanostructures
Visualization of Network Dynamics
Visualization of Smart Gels
Visualization of Storm Surge
Visualization of Tissue Engineering
Mathematical Analysis and Modeling Group
Mathematical Analysis and Modeling Group
Mathematical Software Group
Mathematical Software Group
Talks list for Howard S. Cohl
Pervasive Information Technology
Pervasive Information Technology
Quantum Information Program
A Review Article About Single Photon Upconversion Technology Published in Physics Reports
Correlated Photon Pairs Are Used To Measure Spectra of Remote Objects
Cost Effective QKD System Developed By NIST
Entangled Photon Pair Sources
Higher Order Temporal Correlation Measured Using Up-Conversion Detector
ITL Quantum Information Program -- Technical Details
Nature Photonics reports on ITL/CNST collaboration
New Journal of Physics Publishes Quantum Papers
NIST Develops BB84 Software
NIST QKD system at 1310 nm combines speed and distance
NIST Up-Conversion Detector Achieves Ultra Low Noise Level
Quantum Communications
Quantum Communications Opportunities
Quantum Communications Publications
Recent Development in Quantum Communications
Recommended Quantum Communications Links
Record Speed QKD Set by NIST
System data breaks the jitter limitation with NIST up-conversion detectors
Three-User active QKD network developed by ITL
Ultra-High Sensitivity Infrared Spectrometer
Upconversion SPD Demonstration
Wireless QKD Demonstrated
Statistical Engineering Division
Extreme Winds and Wind Effects on Structures
Internal SED Short Courses
NRC Postdoctoral Associate Program
Other Statistics Information
Past External SED Short Courses
Past Internal SED Short Courses
Project Summaries
RECIPE: REgression Confidence Intervals for PErcentiles
SED Consulting Program
SED Mission Statement
SED Publications
Statistical Engineering Division
Statistical Engineering Division Staff
Statistical Software
STSPAC Charlie Reeve Subroutines
SED Archives
Bayesian Metrology Project
Broadband Large-Scale Modeling for Wireless
Collaborative Research with NIST Scientists and Engineers
Key Comparisons and International Interlaboratory Studies Project
Magnetic Trapping of Ultra Cold Neutrons and Determination of the Mean Lifetime of Neutrons
Measurement Services (SRMs and Calibrations)
Previous Projects
Research on Statistical Methods Project
Statistical Characterization of High-Speed Oscilloscopes and Photodiodes
Statistical Education Project
Statistical Methods in Waveform Metrology
Statistical Process Monitoring for Correlated Data
Strategies for Testing Embedded Software
Understanding Internet Performance from the User Perspective Project
Boulder Statistics Group
Advanced Microwave Radiometer Metrology
Boulder Group
Charpy Impact Machine Verification Program
Clutter Measurement
Critical Current Metrology
Metrology for Cardiac Leads
Radiative Decay of the Neutron
Staff List
Statistical methods for quantitative near-field scanning probe microwave microscopy for material genomics
Statistical Methods in Millimeter-Wave Wireless Metrology
Surrogate Gas Prediction Model
Gaithersburg Statistics Group
A Point Process Model for Evacuation Flows: The Hawkes Model
An Alternative Approach to Mass Metrology
Bayesian Statistical Estimation of Degrees of Equivalence for Key Comparison Experiments
Cement Characteristics by Direct Phase Assessment
Comparison of Internet Congestion-Control Algorithms
Compatibility Assessment and Bias Estimation for Standard Reference Materials
Computational Biology: Comarison of Cell Image Segmentation Algorithms
Design and Analysis of Key Comparisons
Detecting Change Points in Surface Temperature Records
Experimental Evaluation of Large-Scale Parallel Measurement Systems
Functional Analysis of Variance
Gaithersburg Group
Maps of Non-hurricane Non-tornadic Extreme Wind Speeds for the Contiguous United States
Measurement Uncertainty
metRology for Microsoft Excel Software Project
metRology Software Project
NIST/SEMATECH Engineering Statistics Handbook
Quantifying Uncertainty in Accelerometer Sensitivity Studies
Sealant Service Life Prediction
Staff List
Statistical Methods
Statistical Metrology Short Courses
Statistical Process Monitoring for Autocorrelated Data
Statistical Reference Datasets (StRD)
Statistics for Ballistics Identification
Statistics for Food and Supplement Standard Reference Materials
Statistics for Quantitative Imaging
Tunable Compression of Wind Tunnel Data
Uncertainty analysis for autocorrelated measurement data
Uncertainty Estimation in Interlaboratory Studies
Using Geodesics in Cell Cytometry
SED Publication Archives
Alan Heckert
Charles R. Hagwood
Chih-Ming (Jack) Wang
Hung-kung Liu
James J. Filliben
James Yen
John Lu
Jolene Splett
Kevin J. Coakley
Nien-fan Zhang
SED Publications
Stefan D. Leigh
William F. Guthrie
2000 Report of Activities
Report of Activities: Statistical Engineering Division
Seminar Series
A Latent Variable Model for Hybrid Data from Interlaboratory Comparisons
A Rules Based Statistical Algorithm for Keystroke Detection
Allan Variance and the Uncertainty of the Autocorrelated Measurements
Blank Corrections Using a Linear Regression Approach
Calibration and Uncertainty Analysis of Predictions from Computer Experiments
Computer Experiments for an Alternative Approach to Mass Measurement
Confidence Sets for Parameters of a Linear Model and Dirichlet Averages
Copulas for Uncertainty Analysis
Experimental Design in the Scheduling of Two Unrelated Parallel Processors
Exponential Smoothing and State-Space Modeling
Hierarchical Bayesian Spatio-Temporal Models for Environmental Processes: PDE-Based Dynamics and Efficient Parameterizations
Information Metrology and Image Analysis Research at NIM, China
Information-Theoretic Estimation and Data Analysis
Low Cost Reference Objects for Medical Imaging
Measurement Performance Issues in Microarray Gene Expression Images and Spike-in Experiments
Metrology for Gene Expression: Measurement Batch Effects, Probe Sensitivity, Gene List Reproducibility
Open Monte Carlo Engine - A ready to use Monte Carlo tool for metrology
Pulse Shape Discrimination for a Fast Neutron Detector
Random Rotations on a Sphere, and a Confidence Interval Problem
Seminar Series
Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast: Assigning Key Comparison Reference Values in Chemical Measurement
Some Statistical Techniques for Comparing Cell Colonies Using Shape
Spatial Misalignment in Studies of the Acute Effects of Ambient Air Pollution
Spreadsheets and Good Statistics: A Tale of Love and Hatred
SED Training
SED Education and Training
SED Education and Training: Case Studies
SED Education and Training: Course Notes
Software and Systems Division
Archived Articles of Interest - Software and Systems Division
Clinical Data Exchange
Cloud Metrics Could Provide the Goldilocks Solution to Which Cloud Vendor Is 'Just Right'
Computational Science Metrology
Computer Forensics
Contact Us
Cyber Physical Systems
Division Organization
Experts To Examine Virtual Enterprise Uses of Info Tech
Foundations of Semantic Interoperability and Integration
Grid Computing
Health Information Technology
Healthcare Information Technology
Industry Collaboration
Interoperability/Conformance Testing
Large Scale Systems
Materials Genome
Meaningful Use
Medical Devices
New Report on Improving Software Tools that Improve Software
News in ITL - Software and Systems
NIST Cloud Computing Videos Available Online
NIST Develops Health Care IT Standards Repository
NIST Improves Tool for Hardening Software Against Cyber Attack
NIST Publishes Approved Testing Procedures for Electronic Health Records
NIST to Host February 2013 Symposium on the Future of Voting Systems
NIST to Host Symposium on 'Ontology Evaluation' May 2-3, 2013
NIST Tool Helps Internet Master Top-level Domains
NIST Will Hold ‘Big Data’ Workshop June 13-14, 2012
NIST, Stanford Collaborate to Catalog Early Microcomputing Software Data
Ontology Summit 2011: Making the Case for Ontology
Ontology Summit 2012: Ontology for Big Systems
Ontology Summit 2013: Ontology Evaluation Across the Ontology Lifecycle
Performance of Scalable Systems
Programs for Evaluating Software Testing Tools and Techniques (PESTTT)
Publications by Staff
QIBA Volumetric CT Study 3A/QI-Bench Face-to-Face Meeting
Ram Sriram's List of Publications
Selected Publications
Software and Systems Division
Software and Systems Division Products
Software and Systems Division Projects
Software and Systems Division Staff
Software Assurance
Software Component Integration Testing
Software Identification and Quality Metrics
Software Performance Measurement
Software-Based Measurements
Standards & Testing Infrastructure
Static Analysis Tool Exposition (SATE) V Experience Workshop
Symposium to Focus on Future of Voting Systems
Test Method Research
The Unravel Project
The Unravel Project - An Example
The Unravel Project - Papers
Timing Infrastructure
Transactional Testing
Unravel - References to Program Slicing
XML-based Test Accelerator
Software Quality Group
Computer Forensic Reference Data Sets (CFReDS)
Computer Forensics Tool Testing
National Software Reference Library
Software Performance Project
Software Quality Group
XML Technologies
Computer Forensics Tool Testing
CFTT - Deleted File Recovery
CFTT - Disk Imaging
CFTT - Forensic File Carving
CFTT - Forensic Media Preparation
CFTT - Hardware Write Block
CFTT - Mobile Devices
CFTT - Software Write Block
CFTT Archived Documents
CFTT Contacts
CFTT Forensic String Search
CFTT Methodology Overview
CFTT Other Documents
CFTT Presentations
Computer Forensics Tool Testing (CFTT) Project
Cyber Infrastructure Group
Cyber Infrastructure Group
Infrastructure for Integrated Electronics Design & Manufacturing (IIEDM) Project
Knowledge Facilitation Project
Metadata Conformance Analyzer (MCA)
Systems Interoperability Group
Healthcare Infrastructure Integration
Healthcare Message Test Generation
HIT Virtual Testing Framework
Semantic Interoperability of Clinical Documents
Systems Interoperability Group
Information Systems Group
BIG DATA Workshop
BioImage Informatics Conference
Computational Methods for Materials Science
Computational Science in Bio-metrology
Conformance Resources and Information
Conformance Testing
Enabling Science From Big Image Data
Future of Voting Systems Symposium Agenda
Future of Voting Systems Symposium II
Future of Voting Systems Symposium II Webcast
Image conformance to algorithmic assumptions
Image Quality and Classification Accuracy
Image Sampling and Segmentation Accuracy
Image segmentation based measurements
Image similarity metric selection based on application specific requirements
Information Systems Group
Interactive Conformance Testing for VRML
Materials Data and Informatics
Metrics for Manipulation and Enhancements of Forensic Images
NIST Materials Resource Registry
Numerical Reproducibility at Exascale Workshop (SC15)
Overview of Conformance Testing
Peter Bajcsy Bio - Page 2
Software Component Integration Testing
Web accessible image similarity measurements
What is this thing called Conformance?
Trustworthy Information Systems
Measurement, Metrics, and Assurance
Trustworthy Information Systems
Virtual Measurements
Atomic Wavefunctions
Computational Chemistry
Computational Micromagnetics
Special functions
Virtual Measurement
Additional Guidance on Volume Testing
Adopted Resolutions - Meeting 8/17/2007
Appendix A: Definitions of Words with Special Meanings in the VVSG
Appendix B: References and End Notes
Building Trust & Confidence in Voting Systems
Conformance Testing 101
Contact Us
Copy of Copy of DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.2.4, October 2014
Copy of DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.2.3, October 2014
Core Requirements Test Suite for the 2005 VVSG Revision
Current Draft VVSG August 2007
December 9 & 10, 2009 TGDC Meeting
Details of Core Tests Reviewed
Draft NISTIR 7682
Draft of NISTIR 7711: Security Best Practices for the Electronic Transmission of UOCAVA Election Materials
Draft Security Considerations for Remote Electronic UOCAVA Voting
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.1.1
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.1.1 (Tabular Format)
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.1.1, October 2014
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.1.2
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.1.2 (Tabular Format)
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.1.2, October 2014
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.1.3
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.1.3 (Tabular Format)
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.1.3, October 2014
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.1.4
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.1.4 (Tabular Format)
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.1.4, October 2014
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.1.5
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.1.5 (Tabular Format)
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.1.5, October 2014
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.1.6
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.1.6 (Tabular Format)
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.1.6, October 2014
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.1.7
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.1.7 (Tabular Format)
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.1.7, October 2014
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.2.1, October 2014
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section October 2014
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section October 2014
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.2.5, October 2014
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.2.6, October 2014
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.2.7, October 2014
DRAFT Test Assertions for VVSG 1.0 Section 3.2.8, October 2014
Draft UOCAVA Security Best Practices Documents
Election Administration in the United States, 1934, by Joseph P. Harris, PhD
Election Procedures for Oversees Voting
Electronic Methods Potentially Secure for Sending Blank Ballots Overseas; Serious Issues Remain for Receiving Votes -- NIST Report Identifies Security Threats and Potential Controls for Overseas Voting
Embedding comments in PDF files
Federal Register Notice - 12/4-5/2006 Meeting
Federal Register Notice - 3/22-23/2007 Meeting
Federal Register Notice - 5/21-22/2007 Meeting
Federal Register Notice - 8/17/2007 Meeting
Final Versions of the UOCAVA Security Best Practices Documents, NISTIR 7711 and NISTIR 7682
Hardware Workmanship Test Suite
Human Factors Test Suite for the 2005 VVSG Revision
IEEE P1622 UOCAVA Blank Ballot Delivery Use Case
IEEE Standards Working Group P1622 on Voting Systems Electronic Data Interchange Worked Examples of EML Usage
Introduction to New and Expanded Material
Joining IEEE Standards Working Group P1622 on Voting Systems Electronic Data Interchange
July 26 & 27, 2011 TGDC Meeting
June 12, 2008, Letter from NIST to EAC Regarding CIBER, inc.
Letter Regarding InfoGard Laboratories
Letter to EAC Regarding iBeta Quality Assurance and SysTest Labs
Letter to EAC Regarding Wyle Laboratories
Meeting of the IEEE Standards Working Group P-1622 on Voting Systems Electronic Data Interchange
Meeting of the IEEE Standards Working Group P-1622 on Voting Systems Electronic Data Interchange
Meeting of the IEEE Standards Working Group P-1622 on Voting Systems Electronic Data Interchange - March 8-9, 2012
Meeting of the Technical Guidelines Development Committee
Meeting of the TGDC - July 8-9, 2010
New IEEE CDF Standard for Electronic Blank Ballot Distribution
NIST - Laboratory Recommendations to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC)
NIST Activities on UOCAVA Voting
NIST and the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA)
NIST Delivers Updated Draft Standards for Electronic Voting Machines -- Guidelines to Assist in Testing Voting System Accuracy, Reliability and Security
NIST Draft Voting System Test Suites for the 200 VVSG Revision
NIST Draft Voting System Test Suites for VVSG-NI
NIST Issues Open and Transparent Methods for Testing Electronic Voting Systems
NIST Report Identifies Security Threats, Possible Controls for Overseas Voting
NIST Support for IEEE VSSC 1622 - Voting Systems Electronic Data Interchange Current Project Status
NIST Workshop on A Common Data Format for Electronic Voting Systems - Papers
NIST Workshop on Common Data Format for Electronic Voting Systems
NIST/TGDC Relevant Portions of Public Law 107-252
NISTIR 7770 Security Considerations for Remote Electronic UOCAVA Voting
NVLAP - Laboratory Accreditation
NVLAP Suspends Accreditation of SysTest Labs 10-28-08
Presenations: TGDC Meeting July 20-21, 2015
Presentations for the July 8-9, 2010 TGDC Meeting
Proposed Revisions to 2005 Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (Draft VVSG Version 1.1)
Public Comments & Position Statements
Q&As About NIST Evaluation
Reinstatement of Accreditation of SysTest Labs, Incorporated
Sample State and Local Ballots
Security Test Suite
Security Test Suite for the 2005 VVSG Revision
Source Code Analyzer Tool Assessment Guide and Test Suite
Technical Guidelines Development Committee
Test Development for Voting Systems
Test Suite Review Process
Testing FAQs HAVA Certification and Testing
TGDC - July 20 & 21, 2015
TGDC Agenda - 12/4-5/2006 Meeting
TGDC Agenda - 5/21-22/2007 Meeting
TGDC Agenda - Meeting 8/17/2007
TGDC Charter
TGDC Meeting - April 20-21, 2005
TGDC Meeting - August 17, 2007
TGDC Meeting - December 15 & 16, 2011
TGDC Meeting - December 4-5, 2006
TGDC Meeting - January 18-19, 2005
TGDC Meeting - July 9, 2004
TGDC Meeting - March 22-23, 2007
TGDC Meeting - March 29, 2006
TGDC Meeting - March 9, 2005
TGDC Meeting - May 21-22, 2007
TGDC Meeting - September 29, 2005
TGDC Meeting Preliminary Reports - 3/9/2005 Meeting
TGDC Meeting Preliminary Work Product for Discussion - 3/9/2005 Meeting
TGDC Meeting Presentations - 12/4-5/2006 Meeting
TGDC Meeting Presentations - 3/22-23/2007 Meeting
TGDC Meeting Presentations - 3/9/2005 Meeting
TGDC Meeting Presentations - 4/20/2005 Meeting
TGDC Meeting Presentations - 5/21-22/2007 Meeting
TGDC Meeting Procedures - 03/22-23/2007 Meeting
TGDC Meeting Procedures - 5/21-22/2007 Meeting
TGDC Meetings and Outputs
TGDC Public Data Gathering Hearings Sept 20-22, 2004
TGDC Roles and Responsibilities
TGDC Subcommittee Work Plan & Public Input
TGDC Transcripts - Meeting 8/17/2007
TGDC Vacancy Announcement
Usability and Accessibility Test Suite
Usability Test Assertions
Using The VVSG
Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (VVSG) Recommendations to the EAC, August 31, 2007
Voluntary Voting Systems Guideline Version 1 (VVSG 1) -
Votetest Core Requirements Test Suite
Voting Standards Guidance Sent to Election Commission
Voting System Testing Labs That Have Applied to NVLAP
VVSG Background
VVSG Introduction
Why Test Suites
Workshop Aims to Establish Standards for Voting Machine Data
Accessible Voting
Accessible Voting Technology (AVT) Webinars
AVT Email List
AVT Portal
AVT Related Research
EAC Funded Research
ITIF Funded Projects
More AVT Research
RAAV Funded Projects
Standards and Certification
Technology Transfer
Historical Data
TGDC Subcommittee Work - Historical Meetings

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