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Face and Iris Testing


The Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) 2006 and the Iris Challenge Evaluation (ICE) 2006 are evaluations of face and iris recognition technology, respectively. A technology evaluation evaluates the performance of the underlying technology. A technology evaluation is different from a scenario evaluation, which assesses how well a biometric technology meets the requirements for a particular scenario. The design of both the FRVT 2006 and ICE 2006 shares the same protocol, and they report results on biometric samples from a multi-biometric dataset. Both evaluations together constitute the first multi-biometric technology evaluation that measures performance on iris recognition technology, and still and three-dimensional (3D) face recognition techniques.


Planned Accomplishments & Deliverables:

  • Robust statistical framework completed and applied to covariate and quality analysis on FRVT & ICE 2006 results.
    • "Factors that Influence Algorithm Performance in the Face Recognition Grand Challenge," J. Ross Beveridge, Geof H Givens, P. Jonathon Phillips, Bruce A Draper, Computer Vision and Image Understanding (under review)
    • "ICE-Mining," P. J. Flynn and P. J. Phillips (to be submitted to journal)
  • DHS/US-VISIT scenario and technology evaluations conducted to support next generation face acquisition within US-VISIT and to study iris recognition within US-EXIT program
  • IREX 08: Study and compare iris recognition accuracy as related to compression levels and alternative image formats; results will inform developing iris standards

End Date:


Lead Organizational Unit:



Patrick Grother, Project Co-Lead
Jonathon Phillips, Project Co-Lead

Michael Garris
George Quinn



Patrick Grother
T: (301) 975-4157
E: patrick.grother(at)nist.gov

Jonathon Phillips
T: (301) 975-5348
E: jonathan.phillips(at)nist.gov