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Licensing/Participation Agreements

The procedure for licensing the data is as follows:

    1. Apply to participate in the TRECVID Surveillance Event Detection evaluation by completing the TRECVID registration forms. For more details, see:
    2. The development data consists of the 2008 Event Detection Training and Testing sets. Follow the instructions in the guidelines NIST will acknowledge receipt, and then you should proceed to the next step.
    3. The evaluation set is the UK Home Office Scientific Development Branch's (HOSDB) i-LIDS MCTTR dataset.  This is the same evaluation corpus as used for the 2009 evaluation. The MCTTR data set is available at no cost. To obtain the corpus, participants must complete HOSDB's "MCT application form" and relevant end-user license agreement found below and submit as indicated on the forms. Upon completion, HOSDB will give participants a unique username and password for accessing online resources. More details at:


  Please contact or for additional questions.


MCT Application Form  

End User License Agreement (EULA) for Commercial Companies

End User License Agreement (EULA) for Academic Institutions

Note: Please be sure on the application form to indicate that you are applying in order to participate in the TRECVID evaluation.

Development Data Acquisition

Download the data by either going through the TRECVID data servers (check server lists in the active participants area) or by shipping a hard drive (at least 250 GB) to:

Martial Michel
100 Bureau Drive, Mail Stop 8940
Gaithersburg, MD 20899

Annotations for the Development corpora can by found on the data page.

Test Data Acquisition

To obtain the test data (i.e., the 2009 i-LIDS MCTTR dataset) from NIST, download the MPEG-2 video using an HOSDB-assigned username and password from the URL The MPEG-2 video is compatible, (same frame rate, resolution, and de-interlaced) with the Development data set. This MPEG-2 data is 150GB.