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Biometric Standards


This project develops clear, robust, tested, sufficient and implementable biometric data exchange formats, biometric sample quality, biometric acquisition and processing protocols, and conformance testing methodologies standards (e.g., WSQ) that reflect the operational needs of U.S. government, including open source reference implementations, standard reference datasets and technical reports/guidance. This project has relevance and interaction across the other projects in the group.



  1. ANSI/NIST SDO for biometric data interchange standard
  2. PIV biometric guidance for identity verification on smart cards  
  3. Biometric Web Services acquisition and processing protocols
  4. Biometric Sample Quality standards, calibration and testing
  5. INCITS M1 national biometric standards development
  6. ISO/IEC SC37 international biometric standards development
  7. NIST Biometric Open Source Server                                             
  8. Standard Reference Datasets


Major Accomplishments:


  1. NIST staff on the IAD Biometric Standards Team served as editor / co-editor on fifteen different ISO/IEC SC37 draft document working items representing various parts of five major international biometric standards: biometric data interchange formats, the conformance testing of biometric data interchange formats, biometric sample quality, biometric performance testing and reporting, and data formats for biometric testing and reporting. [Leads: Patrick Grother and Elham Tabassi]
  2. Launched new Biometric Web Services project to promote the development and adoption of multimodal biometrics standards for improving interoperability in data acquisition and processing. Biometrics and Web services are being combined to enhance mobile identification, remote authentication capabilities, and server-side biometric service functions. [Lead: Ross Micheals]


  1. (Qtr-2) NIST Special Publication 800-76-2 will be published updating the specifications and requirements for biometrics and their use for identity verification on PIV smart card credentials. This will include among other things the inclusion of compact iris image records and on-card matching capabilities. [Lead: Patrick Grother]
  2. (Qtr-4) An update to the ANSI/NIST ITL 1-2007 and 2-2008 biometric data interchange standards will be adopted. The update will include among many other things the inclusion of new biometric records for DNA, voice, and plantars (footprints). The second in a series of workshops is to be held at NIST on March 1-3. [Lead: Brad Wing]

Start Date:

April 4, 2005

End Date:


Lead Organizational Unit:




Facilities/Tools Used:

Biometric Client Lab (MBARK) Bldg. 225
Biometric Research Lab (A) Bldg. 225
Biometric Research Lab (B) Bldg. 222


Vladimir Drornychenko
Patrick Grother (PL)
Ken Ko
Kayee Kwong
Yoo Young Lee
Steve Meagher (GR)
Ross Micheals (PL)
George Quinn
Wayne Salamon
Elham Tabassi
Philli Wasserman (GR)
Brad Wing