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Digital Media Group


The overall goal of DMG Projects is to develop the basic metrology and standards to improve the reliability, interoperability, and quality of digital media. Digital media technology covers a wide spectrum of areas; initially the DMG will focus on the following projects, which are based on the needs of industry and government and the expertise and resources available within the scope of IAD.

Projects in ITL Programs

Digital Data Preservation — The Digital Data Preservation program is a multi-disciplinary program aiming to facilitate, develop, and analyze the effectiveness of basic metrology and standards in order to improve the reliability, interoperability, and quality of diverse, complex, robust, and resilient current and future archival systems. The ability to effectively preserve…


Digital Media Quality—Digital Media Quality - research and develop metrology and standards for motion image quality.

Digital Media Content—Digital Media Content performs research and develop open standards for content description technology to index and retrieve media contents, with content access management.


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Data Media Group
Wo Chang, Group Leader

100 Bureau Drive, M/S 8100
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8110

301-975-3439 Telephone
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