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Digital Media Quality


Digital Media Quality - research and develop metrology and standards for motion image quality.


New Test Methodology, Advanced Video Coding (AVC/H.264) and Scalable Video Coding (SVC)

The Motion Imagery Quality (MIQ) Metrology Project works with MPEG in the development of next generation video coding and other components of high quality imagery systems. Recent contributions include a international collaborations to test various proposed technologies for Advanced Video Coding (AVC/H.264) and for Scalable Video Coding (SVC). In preparing such recent tests, the MIQ Lab has developed new test methodology for video compression on multimedia and high definition platforms. 

  • In December 2003, MPEG concluded the AVC Verification Tests. These tests verified that AVC/H.264 achieves a doubling of compression efficiency as compared to MPEG-2 in over 60% of the statistically conclusive tests. This work is reported in a paper to the 2004 International Broadcast Conference. IBC Paper-AVC VerifTestResults.pdf
  • AVC/H.264 technology supports compression for a great range of applications, ranging from multimedia to standard definition TV and high definition systems. NIST and our international collaborators have developed new test methodology to support video quality testing in the new domains of multimedia and high definition video. This work was reported to the 2004 SPIE Conference on Applications of Digital Image Processing XXVII. SubjectiveAssessMethodsForMPEG-Final.pdf
  • For many applications in surveillance and security, video production, and digital cinema, 10-bit and 12-bit imagery is becoming an essential tool in retaining video quality. The higher bit depths (10- and 12-bits) are intended to provide greater dynamic range than the more usual 8-bit imagery that is so common in traditional TV and in PC-based imaging. However, an image presentation system designed to provide 10 bits of dynamic range, may not deliver on its promise of 1000 grey levels. The MIQ Project has recently develop metrology to determine the delivered dynamic range of image presentation systems. An MIQ paper to the 2003 SPIE Conference on Communications and Image Processing describes a practical measurement method for determining delivered dynamic range. Resolution&DynamicRange.pdf
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