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CTA and CTS for ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2007

September 2011

The Conformance Test Architecture (CTA) and Conformance Test Suite (CTS) for ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2007 (AN-2007) were developed prior to the development of BioCTS, and therefore runs on an different software architecture called "AN-2007 CTA/CTS Beta 0.5". AN-2007 CTA/CTS Beta 0.5 is designed to test AN-2007 transactions for conformance to the AN-2007 standard. Conformance testing is performed for the following selected record types:

  • Type 1, Transaction Information Record   
  • Type 4, High-resolution grayscale fingerprint image   
  • Type 10, Facial and SMT image   
  • Type 13, Variable-resolution latent image   
  • Type 14, Variable-resolution fingerprint image   
  • Type 17, Iris image

For transactions that include record types other than those listed above, the presence of the records is reported (including record length), but no conformance testing is performed.

Software Downloads

The CTA/CTS Beta 0.5 software contains everything needed to start testing implementations of AN-2007. Read the instructions contained in the associated documentation


Source Code: