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ANTD Current Opportunities:

Current opportunities at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the Advanced Network Technologies Division (ANTD) at its Gaithersburg MD campus.  ANTD is part of NIST's Information Technology Laboratory (ITL).

Please see the ANTD Collaborations page for general descriptions of the detailed requirements and terms of these opportunities.   

Contact antd-opportunity@nist.gov to learn more, or discuss applying for any of the opportunities listed below.

  • Now accepting applications for summer 2016 undergraduate & graduate level internships.  See below.
  • Applications for new junior & senior level Network Research Positions are always accepted.  See below.
  • Now accepting applications for Fall 2017 visiting guest researcher positions.  See below.
  • Applications for 2017 NRC PostDocs must be completed by February 2016. See below.
  • Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Awards for 2016 have been made.  See below.
  • Applications for 2016 SURF - Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships - have closed.  See below.

Types of Positions / Opportunities:

  • Full Time Staff Positions - Open to U.S. citizens. Specific current vacancies will be posted on the USAJobs site (search in location 20899).  We are always interested in being contacted by outstanding candidates with interests or experience in the topics areas described below.  See general information (pay, benefits, work-life programs etc) on Careers at NIST.
    • ANTD anticipates is always looking for highly motivated candidates who can contribute to NIST’s research and development projects that the design, model, analyze, prototype, test, measure and standardize cutting edge technologies for advanced networking and distributed information systems.  New employees will contribute to NIST research through design and analysis, development of software, design and execution of modeling and measurement experiments, data analysis and visualization, publishing research results and participating in consensus standards development processes.  
    • In FY16-FY17 we anticipate multiple openings for Computer Scientists, Electronics Engineers, Mathematicians, and Computer Engineers at the Entry, Junior, and Senior levels. Anticipated needs of specific programs are outlined below. Senior levels positions would require demonstrated research expertise in the areas listed, Junior and Entry levels positions would require demonstrated interest and ability to contribute to the program of work. 
      • We are always accepting applications for highly motivated candidates!  
  • NRC Postdoctoral Research Fellowships - Open to U.S. citizens (non-citizen postdocs, see Foreign Guest Research below). Candidates and their research proposals are evaluated in a competitive process managed by the National Research Council (NRC) Associateship Programs. Application deadlines are February 1 and August 1. These two-year postdoctoral appointments commence within one year of selection.  Areas of interest include, but are not limited to the topics described below.
  • Pathways Internships for Students & Recent Graduates - Open to U.S. Citizens, paid (~$22K to ~$70K) internships for current undergraduate and graduate students and recent (2 years) graduates.  Typical appointments are for 1 year and are expected to be full-time positions during the summer (June-August). In some cases, students can continue to work as interns during the school year as NIST resources and intern availability permit.  Applications for internships are typically accepted in early fall and early spring.
    • See the NIST Student Employment site for general details on requirements, benefits and opportunities to transition to full-time positions.  
    • Typically interns work under the direction of senior computer scientists to research, model, prototype, test and measure emerging technologies for advanced networking and distributed information systems. Interns contribute to NIST network research through the development of software, design and execution of modeling and measurement experiments, data analysis and visualization, and documenting / publishing research results.
    • Note: CyberCorps Scholarship for Service (SFS) students, NIST internships count toward your required Federal service.
    • ANTD anticipates hiring several Computer Science / Electrical Engineering / Mathematics Interns for summer 2016.   
  • Summer Under Graduate Research Fellowships (SURF) - A summer undergraduate research internship with stipends ($5,500 in 2015) and housing and travel allotments (as needed).   Topics areas and desirable skills / interests for SURF projects will be similar to those described below.  SURF projects of course, will be scoped to match the experience level of the participants and the time frame (11 weeks) of the program. See video on the SURF experience. Often the SURF experience positions students well to pursue MSE grants in their graduate careers.  
    • The application process for the summer 2016 SURF posted on the SURF Program site has closed.
      • Applications for the 2016 SURF program have been processed.  Selected students have been contacted.
  • Domestic / Foreign Guest Research Positions - Several guest researcher appointments ranging from 1 to 5 years with, with stipends from $3,600 to $4,200 per month (for those without support from their home organization) are available.  Topic areas and desirable skills/interests are described below.
    • Applicants are currently sought for new guest researcher positions with appointments to begin in the July 2016 - January 2016 time frame.  Minimum appointment is 1 year, maximum appointment is 5 years. 
    • Potential applicants should contact antd-opportunity@nist.gov with their detailed resume / curriculum vitae and a brief statement of your interests in one or more of the topics below.
  • Measurement Science and Engineering (MSE) Research Grants  - The call for proposals typically goes out early in the calendar year with short (~2 month) submission deadline.  Topics of interest to ANTD are listed below.  Potential applicants are strongly encouraged to contact ANTD staff to discuss potential topics, before submitting proposals.  See the ANTD Collaborations page for details and example of previous calls. 

    • The FY16 call for proposals has not been published, but we can still accept applications under the FY15 call for proposals.

      • MSE grant proposals must be received at NIST by June 1, 2016 to be funded in FY16.
  • Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Grants - The list of specific SBIR topics and call for proposals typically goes out early in the calendar year with short (~2 month) submission deadline.  See the ANTD Collaborations page for details and example of previous calls.    We will update this entry when the next CFP is published:
    • The FY15 SBIR solicitation is closed and Phase 1 awards have been made.  See the NIST SBIR site for application details.  The following subtopics were proposed by ANTD:
      • - Analysis and Visualization Tools for Automated Email Abuse Reports.
      • Improving Robustness and Security in Home Routers.
    • In FY15 we had two SBIR Phase-II projects funded, continuing to build on the FY14 Phase-I awards below.
    • In FY14 we had two SBIR awards for ANTD collaborative projects in support of the Robust Inter-Domain Routing and High Assurance Domains projects below.  We will update this entry when the new CFP is published.

Topic Areas / Expertise of Interest:

  • Robust Inter-Domain Routing Project - Seeks researchers / students with  interests in global Internet routing security and robustness, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), measurement monitoring and analysis of global BGP behavior,  BGP security and performance issues, and next generation routing architectures. Specific desirable experience: IETF RPKI / BGPSEC specifications, analysis of Routeviews / RIPE RIS data, software development on open source router platforms (Quagga, BIRD, etc), protocol development in C, use of cryptographic libraries, cryptographic acceleration.  
  • High-Assurance Domains Project - Seeks researchers / students with  interests in Domain Name System (DNS) technologies,  DNSSec security protocols, IETF DANE technologies to leverage the DNS as a key discovery and management infrastructure, use of DANE and other DNSSEC enabled technologies, X.509/PKIX certificate technologies, TLS / SSL implementation, and SMIME / PGP email security protocols.  Specific desirable experience: python and java development of network protocols, web development with AJAX, browser extension/plugin technologies, or email user agent development.  
  • Network Anomaly Detection / Traffic Modeling / Synthetic Traffic Generation Project - Seeks researchers / students with  interests in: network anomaly detection, network intrusion detection, synthetic traffic generation, statistical modeling of network traffic, machine learning, test and instrumentation of NAD/NID systems. Specific desirable experience: SiLK traffic analysis tools, NAD/NID design and development, multi-dimensional statistical analysis of Internet scale network traffic. 
  • Network Function Virtualization / Software Defined Networking Project - Seeks researchers / students with  interests in: network virtualization, network service function chaining, software defined networks, technologies and techniques to address robustness safety and security of virtualized network services,  novel applications of NFV/SDN to domains such as network security and intrusion detection,  support of machine to machine communications, support of advanced mobility and cloud computing. Specific desirable experience: development with open source SDN/NFV platforms such as OpenDayLight and Openflow, simulation and emulation modeling environments for SDN / NFV technologies. 
  • Measurement Science of Complex Networks Project - Seeks  researchers / students with interests in: research and development of techniques to measure, predict and control macroscopic / emergent behavior in complex information systems, modeling and analysis techniques to characterize Internet scale networks and distributed systems,  use of genetic algorithms to search for rare events, and runtime techniques to predict phase transitions in system behavior. Specific desirable experience: simulation modeling with SLX, statistical experiment design and data analysis techniques for large scale systems, network measurement and monitoring technologies. 
  • Advanced DDoS Mitigation Techniques Project- Seeks guest researchers / students with interests in: new techniques and systems to detect and mitigate large scale distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, tractable means to prevent the exchange of spoofed data and control traffic, techniques to address DDoS attacks in virtualized network and computing architectures, and techniques to measure and monitor the effectiveness of DDoS mitigation techniques.  Specific desirable experience: measurement and analysis of IP spoofing mechanisms at Internet scales. 
  • Networked Cyber-Physical Systems – Seeking research / students with interests in: networked control systems, simulation and design techniques for co-simulation / co-design of cyber and physical components, metrics and techniques for prediction, validation and understanding of the properties of NCPS, and the application of emerging network technologies (e.g., software defined networking, cloud architectures, network virtualization) to NCPS.  Specific desirable experience: simulation/emulation of NCPS, NCPS testbed development, Internet of Things technologies, and NCPS application domains including:smart manufacturing, intelligent transportation, and critical infrastructure protection.
  • Next Generation Internet Architectures - Seeks  researchers / students with interests in next generation network architectures, including: fundamentally new approaches to content delivery, service architectures, management and control,  security and privacy, disruption tolerant networking, and handling of mobility. Particular interest in measurement and modeling techniques that enable quantitative comparisons between significant NGIA proposals emerging from the academic research community. Specific desirable experience: simulation / emulation modeling of Information Centric Networking architectures, CCNx and other prototype ICN systems. 

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