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Border Gateway Protocol - Robustness and Security


This project focuses on Robustness, Security, and Scalability of Internet Routing Infrastructure, in particular, the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).


Working with industry and Government to design, standardize, test and foster commercial deployment of new technologies and techniques to improve the security, robustness and scaling of core Internet infrastructure. This project is sponsored in part by the DHS S&T SPRI Program.


Additional Technical Details:

Major Accomplishments:

Analysis of BGP Data Driven Robustness Mechanisms has been completed and results have been published.

End Date:


Lead Organizational Unit:



Kotikalapudi Sriram

Okhee Kim

Oliver Borchert

Patrick Gelichmann

Doug Montgomery


Kotikalapudi Sriram
(301) 975-3973

100 Bureau Drive
M/S 8920
Gaithersburg, MD  20899-8920