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USGv6 Testing Program
Last Updated Date: 11/27/2013

This website describes the testing infrastructure for products seeking compliance with the USGv6 Profile. It identifies the stakeholders in the … more

Last Updated Date: 09/04/2013

FiPy is an open software framework, designed to facilitate sharing of simulation codes for microstructural evolution in support of the Materials … more

Cryptographic Applications and Infrastructures
Last Updated Date: 08/01/2013

Application developers depend upon security protocols to establish security services (e.g., to establish a secure tunnel) using cryptography. In … more

Security Aspects of Electronic Voting
Last Updated Date: 08/01/2013

The Help America Vote Act (HAVA) of 2002 was passed by Congress to encourage the upgrade of voting equipment across the United States. HAVA … more

µMAG: Micromagnetic Modeling Activity Group
Last Updated Date: 07/23/2013

Micromagnetics concerns the patterns of magnetization that arise in materials on the scale of nanometers.  Understanding these structures is key … more

Validation: Coevolved Experimentation and Computation at the Nanoscale
Last Updated Date: 07/18/2013

The increased speed and increased size of datasets implemented in modern computational systems has enabled the size scale of models of materials … more

Advanced Integrated Data Management for Materials Discovery
Last Updated Date: 07/01/2013

New materials are essential for future energy independence, environmental sustainability, and next-generation manufacturing. The Materials Genome … more

Small Business Corner (SBC)
Last Updated Date: 06/11/2013

The Small Business Corner outreach began as a partnership in 2001. The target audience is the 25+ million small businesses in the United States. … more

National Vulnerability Database (NVD)
Last Updated Date: 03/06/2013

For more information regarding the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) , please visit the Computer Security Division's NVD website. The National … more

Techniques for Security Risk Analysis of Enterprise Networks
Last Updated Date: 01/15/2013

Today's information systems face sophisticated attackers who combine multiple vulnerabilities to penetrate networks with devastating impact. The … more

Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program
Last Updated Date: 01/15/2013

The Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program (CAVP) encompasses validation testing for FIPS-approved and NIST recommended cryptographic … more

Awareness, Training, Education (ATE) and Professional Development
Last Updated Date: 01/15/2013

This site is an organized set of links to business, college, and university websites that contain information security awareness, training, … more

Program Review for Information Security Management Assistance (PRISMA)
Last Updated Date: 01/15/2013

The Program Review for Information Security Management Assistance (PRISMA) includes many review options and incorporates guidelines contained in … more

Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board (ISPAB)
Last Updated Date: 01/15/2013

The Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board (ISPAB) was originally created by the Computer Security Act of 1987 (P.L. 100-235) as the … more

Federal Computer Security Program Managers' Forum (Forum)
Last Updated Date: 01/15/2013

The Federal Computer Security Program Managers' Forum is an informal group sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) … more

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