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Use of Bayesian statistics to improve optical measurement uncertainty by combined multi-tool metrology
Last Updated Date: 09/10/2010

Develop a new approach to combine measurements by various reference metrology results in the uncertainty analysis and library-fitting process to … more

Radiative Decay of the Neutron
Last Updated Date: 09/10/2010

Quantum electrodynamics (QED) predicts that a neutron will decay into a proton, electron and anti-neutrino. A small fraction of the time, this … more

Last Updated Date: 09/01/2010

e-FITS ( link currently only accessible to NIST staff ) is a web-based tool used to generate graphs, tables, and random numbers for a large number … more

Critical Current Metrology for Nb3Sn
Last Updated Date: 09/01/2010

The main focus of the project is to develop standard techniques for the measurement of critical current of high-temperature and low-temperature … more

Cement Characteristics by Direct Phase Assessment
Last Updated Date: 09/01/2010

Worldwide, cement/concrete development and utilization represent significant measurable fractions of national GDP's. Over-reliance on dated modes … more

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