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Noise Measurement May Boost Cell Phone Performance
Release Date: 06/22/2006

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and industry collaborators have developed improved methods for accurately … more

Circuit Board Materials May Like It Hot (or Not)
Release Date: 06/08/2006

Electrical circuits may act differently in Arizona than they do in Alaska—potentially affecting the performance of computers and other … more

Growing Glowing Nanowires to Light Up the Nanoworld
Release Date: 05/25/2006

  NIST "grows" semiconductor nanowires that emit ultraviolet light as part of a project to make prototype nano-lasers and other devices and the … more

New Design for Transistors Powered by Single Electrons
Release Date: 02/02/2006

Colorized micrograph of three tunable gates across an electrical channel in a single electron tunneling (SET) transistor. Credit: NTT/NIST View … more

Simulation Program Predicts Resistivity in Nanodevices
Release Date: 01/17/2006

As nanoscale circuits continue to shrink, electrical resistivity increases in the wiring and limits the maximum circuit speed. A new simulation … more

Copper Ridges Nearly Double X-ray Sensor Performance
Release Date: 11/17/2005

Project leader Kent Irwin installs superconducting materials in an ultra-cold refrigerator for testing. These materials are used to make … more

Like Fireflies and Pendulum Clocks, Nano-oscillators Synchronize Their Behavior
Release Date: 09/14/2005

A simulation made with NIST micromagnetic software shows the interaction of "spin waves" emitted by two nano-oscillators that generate microwave … more

Evaluation Gauges Results from Machine Translation
Release Date: 08/26/2005

The National Institute of Stanards and Technology has posted at the results of the NIST 2005 Machine Translation … more

NIST Photon Detectors Have Record Efficiency
Release Date: 06/02/2005

Sensors that detect and count single photons, the smallest quantities of light, with 88 percent efficiency have been demonstrated by physicists at … more

NIST Demonstrates Key Step in Use of Quantum Computers for Code-Breaking
Release Date: 05/12/2005

Boulder, Colo.—A crucial step in a procedure that could enable future quantum computers to break today’s most commonly used encryption codes has … more

Chip-scale Refrigerators Cool Bulk Objects
Release Date: 04/21/2005

This colorized scanning electron micrograph shows a cube of germanium attached to a membrane. The four small light blue rectangles at the … more

Laser Applications Heat Up for Carbon Nanotubes
Release Date: 01/26/2005

Carbon nanotubes (left) are applied to a NIST-developed pyroelectric detector (right) that may improve thermal conductivity and resistance to … more

Chip-Scale Magnetic Sensor Draws on Mini Clock Design
Release Date: 12/29/2004

Photo of the NIST chip-scale magnetometer. The sensor is about as tall as a grain of rice. The widest block near the top of the device is an … more

NIST Demonstrates Data ‘Repair Kit’ for Quantum Computers
Release Date: 12/01/2004

NIST physicists Dietrich Leibfried and David Wineland in the laboratory where they have developed a method for correcting data handling errors for … more

A Quantum Mechanical ‘Tune Up’ for Better Measurement
Release Date: 06/04/2004

By exploiting the weird quantum behavior of atoms, physicists at the Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) … more

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