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This is a description of the figure:

• COMPONENT LEVEL AND SYSTEM LEVEL - TECHNICAL PERFORMANCE: Elemental tests assess technical capabilities by systematically modifying variables in a tightly controlled environment. These tests can be designed to evaluate the technical performance of an overall system or specific components.

  •  Elemental Tests at the Component Level
    • Arabic text recognition and translation
    • Face recognition and matching
  • Elemental Tests at the System Level
    • Arabic text translation
    • Face recognition and matching
    • Object detection and image classification
    • Shot localization and weapon classification
    • Soldier state and localization
    • Sound and speech recognition

• CAPABILITY LEVEL – UTILITY ASSESSMENT: Task tests assess a specific capability’s utility to the warfighter by placing them in a controlled and somewhat operationally-relevant environment. Tasks include:
  • Base/entry checkpoint
  • Building clearing
  • Courtyard recon o Insurgent surveillance
  • Insurgent surveillance and ambush
  • Knock and talk o Presence patrol
  • Street observations and interactions

• SYSTEM LEVEL – UTILITY ASSESSMENT: Vignette tests assess utility to the warfighter by immersing them (using the technology) in a simulated tactical environment. Vignettes include:
  • Assessment of a local village prior to an upcoming election
  • Presence patrol and improvised explosive device site reconnaissance
  • Presence patrol leading to a cordon and search
  • Presence patrol leading to checkpoint operations
  • Presence patrol with census operations
  • Presence patrol with deliberate search