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Figure 6. System architecture of USARSim, MOAST and PRIDE.Figure 6 depicts the system architecture of USARSim, MOAST and PRIDE. MOAST/USARSim is a client/server architecture. The client side includes the Unreal client and the controller (MOAST). The server side is called the Unreal server and it includes the Unreal engine, Gamebots, the maps and the models (victims, robots). The Unreal server maintains the states of all the objects in the simulator, responds to the data from the clients by changing the objects? states and sends back data to both Unreal clients and the user side controllers. PRIDE uses the road network database and MOAST to set the vehicles on the road. PRIDE sends commands to MOAST at the PRIM level to move autonomous vehicles at a certain location (predicted position). MOAST moves the vehicles to the specified location. USARSim communicates with MOAST through Gamebots and uses the physics, the dynamics and the kinematics of the vehicles to display the driving of those vehicles in the environment.


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