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Our Mission:
"Facilitating the efficient review of reimbursable agreements to ensure funding sponsors receive timely and high quality services"

NIST's acceptance of an agreement usually indicates NIST's intent to begin work on the agreement within 120 calendar days.

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Non-Federal Customer/Sponsor
International Customer/Sponsor
DoC Agreements Handbook (Nov. 2011)

Reimbursable Agreements Coordinators:
Missy Gilliam, 301-975-2289
Marilyn Greenhouse, 301-975-2228
Margaret Robinson, 301-975-8305
Karen Yavetz, 301-975-2959

Contact us:
By phone: 301-975-6299
By e-mail:


Calibration customers please contact Nancy Selepak at 301-975-2047 or


RACO: Reimbursable Agreements Coordination Office

Willie May Associate Dir. for Labs Message from the Associate Director for Laboratory Programs,
Dr. Willie E. May:

We have created this website repository of tools and information to assist you in working with us at NIST! Providing research and measurement services to other government agencies on a cost reimbursable basis has been an integral part of the NIST laboratory programs since our inception in the early 1900s. We value you and want to make it as easy as possible for you to obtain the unique services that we can provide.

In response to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) audit in 2010, NIST was required to make significant changes in the way we accept funding from external sources.  I understand that the new process NIST has put in place to ensure that its agreements address the deficiencies found by the GAO has frustrated many of our customers, and for that reason we have concentrated on making improvements to our internal review of such agreements.

We have established a Reimbursable Agreements Coordination Office (RACO) to improve and streamline our internal procedures for accepting reimbursable funding. In addition, we want to communicate with you by giving you the tools and information necessary to ensure that our agreements with you will be processed and accepted as quickly as possible, while we ensure compliance with all legal requirements. RACO can be contacted directly by phone or e-mail, and is ready to assist you with the reimbursable agreement preparation process so that NIST can provide its service in the timely manner you deserve.

If at any time you are not satisfied with the way NIST has handled your agreement during the pre-acceptance review process, please call me directly at 301-975-2300.

Thank you for your interest in working with NIST!