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Taken from Public Law 109-148, contained within the Department of Defense appropriations act…

SEC. 3801. (a) ACROSS-THE-BOARD RESCISSIONS- There is hereby rescinded an amount equal to 1 percent of--

(1) the budget authority provided (or obligation limit imposed) for fiscal year 2006 for any discretionary account of this Act and in any other fiscal year 2006 appropriation Act;
(2) the budget authority provided in any advance appropriation for fiscal year 2006 for any discretionary account in any prior fiscal year appropriation Act; and
(3) the contract authority provided in fiscal year 2006 for any program subject to limitation contained in any fiscal year 2006 appropriation Act.

(b) PROPORTIONATE APPLICATION- Any rescission made by subsection (a) shall be applied proportionately--

(1) to each discretionary account and each item of budget authority described in such subsection; and
(2) within each such account and item, to each program, project, and activity (with programs, projects, and activities as delineated in the appropriation Act or accompanying reports for the relevant fiscal year covering such account or item, or for accounts and items not included in appropriation Acts, as delineated in the most recently submitted President's budget).

(c) EXCEPTIONS- This section shall not apply--

(1) to discretionary budget authority that has been designated pursuant to section 402 of H. Con. Res. 95 (109th Congress), the concurrent resolution on the budget for fiscal year 2006; or (2) to discretionary authority appropriated or otherwise made available to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

(d) OMB REPORT- Within 30 days after the date of the enactment of this section, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget shall submit to the Committees on Appropriations of the House of Representatives and the Senate a report specifying the account and amount of each rescission made pursuant to this section.