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“Taken from House Report 107-218
FY 2003 Appropriations Senate Report…”


The Committee includes the following general provisions for the Department ofCommerce that were included in the fiscal year 2001 appropriations act. Sections 201through 208 are continuations of language included in previous appropriations acts.

Section 201 makes Commerce Department funds available for advanced payments onlyupon certification of officials designated by the Secretary that such payments areconsidered to be in the public interest.

Section 202 makes appropriations for salaries and expenses available for the hire ofpassenger motor vehicles, and for services, uniforms, and allowances as authorized bylaw.

Section 203 prohibits any funds to be used to support hurricane reconnaissance aircraftand activities that are under the control of the U.S. Air Force or the U.S. Air ForceReserve.

Section 204 provides the authority to transfer funds between Department of Commerceaccounts. The language provides that no account may be decreased by more than 5percent or increased by more than 10 percent. The language also makes thetransfers subject to the Committee's standard reprogramming procedures.

Section 205 allows the Secretary to award contracts for certain mapping and chartingactivities in accordance with the Federal Property and Administrative Services Act.

Section 206 permits the Department of Commerce franchise fund to retain a percentageof earnings from services provided for capital investments.

Section 207 provides funding for 4 grants and a cooperative agreement.

Section 208 clarifies allowable applications of a grant program.

Section 209 clarifies allowable applications of a grant program.

Section 210 clarifies that Congress has not approved a change in name for the Bureau ofExport Administration.