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"Taken from Senate Report 106-404
FY 2001 Commerce, Justice, State Senate report…"


Appropriations, 2000 $638,982,000
Budget estimate, 2001 712,991,000
House allowance 422,892,000
Committee recommendation 596,619,000

The Committee recommends a total of $596,619,000 for the three appropriations accounts under the National Institute of Standards and Technology [NIST]. The recommendation is $116,372,000 below the budget request. A description of each account and the Committee recommendation follows:


Appropriations, 2000 $283,132,000
Budget estimate, 2001 337,508,000
House allowance 292,056,000
Committee recommendation 305,003,000

The Committee recommends an appropriation of $305,003,000. The recommendation is $32,505,000 below the budget request.

The Committee recommendations are displayed in the following table:

Electronics and Electrical Engineering $40,127,000
Manufacturing Engineering 20,821,000
Chemical Science and Technology 33,360,000
Physics 31,556,000
Material Science and Engineering 54,658,000
Building and Fire Research 15,932,000
Computer Science and Applied Mathematics 47,551,000
Technology Assistance 17,349,000
National Quality Program 5,205,000
Research Support Activities 38,444,000
Total, STRS 305,003,000

Within the amounts provided, the Committee approves the following increases: (1) $1,000,000 in the Manufacturing Engineering Program for the development of standards pertaining to the exchange of electronic data; (2) $2,000,000 in the Physics program to provide measurements, standards, and test methods for the development of advanced nanotechnologies; (3) $2,000,000 in the Computer Science and Applied Mathematics program to develop new measurements, test methods, and guidelines for the protection of the Nation's critical infrastructures. No funding is provided for Commerce Department expert review teams. Presidential Decision Directive #63 clearly suggests that every department and agency of the Federal Government shall be responsible for protecting its own critical infrastructure, especially its cyber-based systems. While the program is laudable, it is clearly not the responsibility of the Department of Commerce to provide computer security to other Federal agencies; and, (4) under the Wind Research Program, the Committee recommends $2,000,000 to continue funding an existing cooperative agreement between NIST and Texas Tech University.


Appropriations, 2000 $274,436,000
Budget estimate, 2001 339,604,000
House allowance 104,836,000
Committee recommendation 262,737,000

The Committee recommends an appropriation of $262,737,000. The recommendation is $76,867,000 below the budget request.

Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program [MEP]- The Committee recommends an appropriation of $109,137,000. The recommendation is $5,000,000 below the budget requests and fully funds all MEP centers. No funding is provided for the Department's election commerce outreach or manufacturing interoperability programs. The rapid expansion of the Internet to individuals and businesses in the United States has been extraordinary, and a myriad of private sector resources are available to businesses who wish to access e-commerce technologies. The marketplace is providing e-commerce solutions at such a pace that efforts by the Federal Government in this area would be slow and inadequate. The Committee supports the efforts of the Northern Great Plains Initiative for Rural Development to expand the MEP e-commerce project to rural areas to assist small manufacturers for marketing and business development purposes.

Advanced Technology Program [ATP]- The Committee recommends an appropriation of $153,600,000. The recommendation is $45,000,000 below the budgt request. The Committee has been advised that approximately $45,000,000 in prior-year deobligations and unobligated balances will carry forward from fiscal year 2000. The recommendation, when combined with the carryover amount, will provide a total funding level of $198,600,000, the full amount requested. Within the amounts made available, $45,200,000 shall be used for administrative costs, internal laboratory support, and for Small Business Innovation Research Program [SBIR] requirements.

Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection [IIIP]- The Committee does not recommend funding for the Institute for Information Protection. The Committee is very concerned about protecting the Nation's critical infrastructures and commends the administration for its efforts to coordinate the numerous Federal agencies involved in this area. The importance of this area necessitates unprecedented coordination and cooperation, yet it appears that there is ongoing debate within the administration as to what is envisioned for the IIIP project in particular. With no clear plan to implement or administer the IIIP the potential for mission overlap with other Federal agencies is of particular concern.

The Committee notes that funding for critical infrastructure requirements are addressed by the Committee in the Department of Justice account.


Appropriations, 2000 $108,414,000
Budget estimate, 2001 35,879,000
House allowance 26,000,000
Committee recommendation 28,879,000

The Committee recommends an appropriation of $28,879,000. The recommendation is $7,000,000 below the budget request and fully funds the highest priority safety, capacity, maintenance, and repair projects at NIST. Within the amounts provided, $500,000 is to address electrical service issues at NIST's Boulder, CO, campus. In addition, $4,000,000 is provided for a grant and a cooperative agreement.

No funding is provided for the outfitting and relocation costs associated with the Advanced Measurement Laboratory. Funds for these activities will be provided when the building nears completion.