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Programs and Projects
Properties of Sustainable Fresh Concrete Project

The construction industry is becoming increasing reliant on pumping for the placement of concrete; thus, implying that a concrete  must have the … more

Assuring Performance of Infrastructure Repair Materials Project

In spite of advances in materials and construction technologies, our nation's civil infrastructure remains in a state of serious decay. The 2013 … more

Lateral Force-Resisting Structural Elements and Systems Project

This project provides experimentally validated structural behavior models for refining key seismic design provisions in U.S. model building codes … more

Seismic Analysis and Design Procedures in Existing Standards Project

This project provides proposed refinement of key prescriptive seismic provisions in U.S. model building codes and standards concerning: … more

Metrics and Tools for Construction Productivity Project

This project defines metrics, tools, and data for measuring physical infrastructure delivery performance and construction productivity at three … more

Seismic Response of Reinforced Concrete Walls Project

This project includes two critical problem-focused tasks in Performance Based Seismic Engineering (PBSE): (1) the evaluation of reinforced … more


SteelVis is a viewer for CIS/2 files and a translator from CIS/2 to IFC files. The CIMSteel Integration Standards (CIS/2) is the product model and … more

IFC File Analyzer

The IFC File Analyzer generates a spreadsheet from an IFC file. IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) is the data exchange standard used to facilitate … more

PRINTER Software

The Pyranometer Responsivity INTERpolator (PRINTER) interpolates pyranometer incidence angle dependent calibration factors, or responsivities … more

Software: BEES

The BEES ( B uilding for E nvironmental and E conomic S ustainability) software brings to your fingertips a powerful technique for selecting … more

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