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Bharath Natarajan

Bharath Natarajan is a CNST/UMD Postdoctoral Researcher in  the Nanofabrication Research Group. He received a B.Tech. in Mechanical  Engineering from the National Institute of Technology Karnataka, India and a Ph.D.  in Materials Science and Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic  Institute.  For his doctoral work, he proposed  novel quantitative models linking interfacial energetic phenomena to filler  dispersion and to the continuum thermomechanical properties of surface-modified  nanoparticle composites. These predictive models were shown to be effective  through extensive experiments involving transmission electron microscopy,  differential scanning calorimetry, dynamic mechanical testing and image  analysis. Additionally, he aided in the implementation of these models through  the creation of a materials informatics tool that predicts nanocomposite  properties from filler and matrix chemistries. In the CNST, Bharath is working  with Renu Sharma developing transmission-electron microscopy and data analysis methods  to perform tomographic imaging of nanocomposites. 

Selected Publications
  • Thermomechanical properties of bimodal brush  modified nanoparticle composites, B. Natarajan, T. Neely, A. Rungta, B. C.  Benicewicz, and L. S. Schadler, Macromolecules 46, 4909–4918  (2013).
  • Effect of interfacial energetics on dispersion  and glass transition temperature in polymer nanocomposites, B. Natarajan, Y.  Li, H. Deng, L. C. Brinson, and L. S. Schadler, Macromolecules 46,  2833–2841 (2013).
  • Grafting bimodal polymer brushes on  nanoparticles using controlled radical polymerization, A. Rungta, B. Natarajan,  T. Neely, D. Dukes, L. S. Schadler, and B. C. Benicewicz, Macromolecules 45, 9303–9311 (2012).
Staff Photo - Bharath Natarajan


CNST/UMD Postdoctoral Researcher
Nanofabrication Research Group

Employment History:

B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering – National Institute of Technology Karnataka, India
Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering – Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Phone: 301-975-2160