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Policies and Procedures — Modifying, Renewing, and Closing NanoFab Projects

Topic List (click to go to topic):

  • Treatment of Intellectual Property:  How the CNST treats proprietary information and intellectual property rights.
  • Proprietary Versus Non-proprietary Projects:  How the Department of Commerce defines proprietary and nonproprietary research and how information from each is shared.
  • Types of Facilities Use Agreements:  Description of the facilities use agreements the NanoFab uses for proprietary and non-proprietary research.
  • Review Process Criteria: Guidance for applicants describing essential information about the review process and criteria, including the scoring. 
  • NanoFab Access:  How to gain access to the NanoFab and to the NIST campus.
  • Renewing, Modifying, or Closing NanoFab Projects:  Steps for changing or ending a NanoFab project.

Adding Users to Existing Projects

Principal investigators may add users to an existing, active, NanoFab project at any time during its duration.  The process can be started by sending an email to nanofabuseroffice@nist.gov that includes the application number, the new users name and contact information.

Users joining an existing project must have the project Principal Investigator authorize their addition by sending an email as specified above.

Renewing a NanoFab Project

All NanoFab projects are limited to one year, and must be renewed each year.  If the project is ongoing, with substantially similar purpose, goals, and plans, then the project may be renewed by updating the required information in sufficient time to allow NanoFab access to continue uninterrupted, typically 90 days before the project end date.  If the project is substantially different, a new project (and project number) must be established.

Renewing a project requires the applicant furnish  an accurate and comprehensive account of the work performed under the previous project, all the research participants associated with the project, and the resulting accomplishments (publications, talks, honors, etc.).

Projects may be renewed by contacting nanofabuseroffice@nist.gov. 

Closing a Project 

At the completion of their work in the CNST NanoFab the project’s Principal Investigator (PI) should notify the User office.  The user office staff will work with the PI to ensure that all materials and supplies that are associated with the project are returned to the customer and that any funds remaining on account with NIST are refunded.

In circumstances where a customer is continuing to work in the NanoFab under a different project the users’ office will work with the PI to ensure that our records reflect the transition.  This will include moving the appropriate research participants to new project, and if appropriate,  transferring any remaining funds to be used by the new project.

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