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Other Operating Procedures: NanoFab Visitors, Supplies, and Storage

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NanoFab Cleanroom and Lab Visitors

Visits to the any of the NanoFab labs including the cleanroom must be approved in advance by the NanoFab Manager.   The following rules apply:
  • All visitors must be escorted by an approved NanoFab user at all times.
  • Upon approval, the approving manager will notify via email the NanoFab staff and User Office.  The 620NOG email distribution list is best suited for this.
  • Visitors are not permitted to perform any work within NanoFab labs or use NanoFab resources including tools, chemicals or fume hoods.
  • Visitor status is meant to be a single occurrence per visitor.  Any person intending to visit any NanoFab lab more than 3 times must complete NanoFab Contractor training.
  • Proper attire and appropriate personal protective equipment are always required.
  • CNST/NanoFab management can make exceptions in the required footwear for the purpose of CNST staff escorted tours.

Chemicals and Supplies

The NanoFab keeps on hand an inventory of basic processing supplies including tweezers, silicon wafers, gelpaks, and cleanroom notebooks.  These supplies may be purchased by customers with a coral account by contacting any NanoFab staff member.   Supplies are stocked and sold in limited quantities.  This service is offered as a convenience to customers who have an immediate need, and should not be considered a primary means of procurement. 

The NanoFab also keeps on stock the most common variants of wet chemicals used for photo lithography, wet etching, and general nanofabrication processing.  Chemicals are provided on an as needed basis to users.  In most circumstances the costs for chemical use are included in the “base cleanroom” rate.  Chemical use in the NanoFab is strictly limited to preapproved substances and must be performed in defined areas.   Questions regarding the list of currently acceptable substance should be directed to the NanoFab manager.  A detailed description of chemical handling SOPs can be found in the NanoFab safety manual (LINK).   

User Storage

The NanoFab provides active cleanroom users with in lab storage.  The storage area consists of a large rack that is divided into individual bins.  We supply large plastic containers that fit inside each bin.   We ask that users limit their supplies to what safely fits into one bin.  If this poses a significant problem for you, please let me know so we can help you find a different storage strategy.
New bins can be assigned any time after a new user completes cleanroom certification by contacting nanofabuseroffice@nist.gov.  You will be asked to provide your coral userid and contact information. 

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