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General Thermal Ox and Diffusion Furnace: Tystar Tytan 2000


CORAL Names:  Gen. Wet Ox, Gen. Dry Ox, Sinter, Anneal

This four stack furnace system is utilized to grow silicon dioxide, general anneal, and sinter.

Specifications / Capabilities:

  • 3", 4", and 6" wafers
  • Maximum wafer thickness:  2.5 mm
  • Silicon Wafers Allowed
  • Pyrex and glass sides permitted with temperatures below melting point
  • All other substrates need approval
  • Max. Temp 1100 °C

Scientific Opportunities / Applications:

  • Silicon Dioxide Growth
    • Wet Oxide (Tube 1)-typically used for field isolation, masking layers, oxides greater than 120 nm, and optical applications.
    • Dry Oxide (Tube 2)-slow controlled growth, oxides less than 120 nm
  • Forming Gas Anneal (Tube 3)
    • Aluminum Sinter, anneal
  • General Anneal (Tube 4)
    • Nitrogen ambient anneals

Access Information:

Access to this tool requires that you have attended NanoFab safety orientation, passed the safety test, and have been properly trained on the tool. If you have any questions, please contact the NanoFab User Coordinator, or the tool contact person.




Operating Schedule:

Access to this machine follows standard NanoFab operating hours (7am - 7pm Monday - Friday).  Out of hours access requires prior approval by the NanoFab Manager.


Name: Jerry Bowser
Phone: 301.975.8187
100 Bureau Drive, Stop 6201
Gaithersburg, MD 20899.6201