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Wet Chemical Bench (Heated): Reynolds Tech (6-ft)


CORAL Names:  Wet Deck CMOS Station 1, Wet Deck CMOS Station 2

This bench is used to etch and clean samples

Specifications / Capabilities:

  • 72" Open Wet Bench. 
  • Contains 2 dip tanks, two reflux quartz heated baths, glove rinse, DI and N2 spray guns, GFCI 120 VAC receptacle, and two safety eyewash stations.
  • Capable of handling small samples up to a full cassette of 6" wafers. 
  • Tank 1: Dip tank with lid (Buffered Oxide Etch-BOE) 
  • Tank 2: Reflux heated bath (RCA Standard Clean 1-SC1) 
  • Tank 3: Dip Tank with lid (2% HF) 
  • Tank 4: Dump Rinse with lid 
  • Tank 5: Reflux heated bath (RCA Standard Clean 2-SC2) 
  • It is located in an ultra-clean CMOS-compatible area and is subject to strict restrictions to prevent cross contamination.

Scientific Opportunities / Applications:

  • This tool is used for the "RCA" cleaning of wafers to remove organic and metallic surface contaminants. 
  • BOE to etch silicon dioxides

Access Information:

Access to this tool requires that you have attended NanoFab safety orientation, passed the safety test, and have been properly trained on the tool. If you have any questions, please contact the NanoFab User Coordinator, or the tool contact person.




Operating Schedule:

Access to this machine follows standard NanoFab operating hours (7am - 7pm Monday - Friday).  Out of hours access requires prior approval by the NanoFab Manager.


Name: Marc Cangemi
Phone: 301.975.5993
100 Bureau Drive, Stop 6201
Gaithersburg, MD 20899-6201