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Other Operating Procedures: Available Information Technology Resources and Support

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Available Information Technology Resources and Support

Computers available for NanoFab use - There are four classes of computers available on the NanoFab Domain/Network:

  1. Computers on the NanoFab Domain.  These computers are available to all NanoFab users.  They are generally connected to tools and require logon.
  2. NEMO Login Terminals/Thin Clients.  The NEMO Login Terminals are accessible to all users. They provide access to the NEMO Application, which allows users to reserve tool time and enable and disable tools.
  3. File Retrieval computers.  These computers are available to all NanoFab users.  USB flash drives are allowed to connect to these computers to upload files to or retrieve files from the NanoFab file server.
  4. Kiosks.  These computers are located within the clean room to provide access to the internet for users.  They have very limited functionality.

Resources Available on the NanoFab Websites

The NanoFab maintains three types of websites:  Internal, restricted and public.   These websites provide information to current users, new users and the general public.
Public Website
The NanoFab’s public website:  http://www.cnst.nist.gov/nanofab/nanofab.html provides general and detailed information about the NanoFab to the public.  Information includes:   
  • A general description of the NanoFab and our mission.
  • A full equipment list
  • How to become a user
  • Costs for using the NanoFab
  • Staff contact information
  • News Highlights
Internal Website
Once a NanoFab domain account is assigned users can access the NIST internal intranet which provides useful links to information across the NIST organization.   It also provides access to the NanoFab tool box which provides a comprehensive menu of useful information from tool recipes to MSDS sheets.  The internal website includes:
  • Links to the internal pages of the whole NIST organization
  • Links to the tool reservation system (NEMO)
  • User training information
  • NanoFab tool box with has a wide variety of useful information. 

Restricted Public Websites

The NanoFab also maintains restricted public web pages that provide approved users access to a NanoFab tool reservation utility which users can use to reserve tools from a non-NIST computer.  Another site provides access to additional safety and tool training resources.

IT support

IT support for the NanoFab falls under the purview of the CNST IT Team.  Requests for assistance should be submitted via the NanoFab User Office.

The CNST IT Team maintains computer and NEMO Login hardware.  Problems should be reported to NanoFab staff or the NanoFab User Office.

The CNST IT Team maintains non-equipment control software.  NOG staff are responsible for tool controlling/related software.  
Users should report problems NanoFab staff or the NanoFab User Office, who will seek assistance from the CNST IT Team or product vendors.

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