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Other Operating Procedures: Getting data in and out of NanoFab

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Getting data in and out of NanoFab

All data generated on tool computers must be saved to the NanoFab File Server.  External users can retrieve their data from the file server and copy to their USB thumb drive or provided CD/DVDs by using designated file retrieval computers.  Internal users can also use the file retrieval computers but also have the ability to access their share folder on the file server from their office computers.

How to internal users can access share drive from their office computers :
  • Open My Computer
  • Click on Tools -> Map Network Drive
  • In the drop-down menu next to drive letter, tell them to choose the next available letter
  • In the folder field they need to type:  \\ochoko.nist.gov\cnstnanofab\userid where userid = their NIST general realm userid
  • They can choose to check the “Reconnect at logon” box if they’d like to
  • If they have not logged into their machine with NIST credentials, then they will need to click the “connect using a different user name” link
  • In the username field, they need to put NIST\userid where userid = their NIST general realm userid
  • In the password field, they need to put in their general realm password
  • Click Ok, and then click Finish
  • The drive should now be mapped (similar to how Elwood maps).  They can click on the drive and retrieve the data that they saved to it.
Data needed for use on tool computers can also be uploaded to the file server from the file retrieval computers.

A new service is being developed to allow remote file transfer.  Using NIST’s Secure File Transfer Service, users will be able to access a webpage to upload and download files.  The application requires logon and all users must have accounts to access the applications. NIST users automatically have access and will use their General Realm credentials to authenticate.  See (iTAC KB article link).  Accounts will be created for external users.  The service works by sending files or invitation to send via email to a NIST account.  External users will send files to a designated NIST email account.  This process loads files into the application.  Once files are “sent” users can logon and retrieve files when at NIST on the NanoFab Domain or Visitor network or back at their home organization.  Additional details on access will be provided once the service is fully operational.

USB drives

USB thumb drives are a common vehicle for spreading of viruses and other malware and their use is limited within the NanoFab Domain/network.  This restriction provides a means for security for CNST systems and yours as users.  
USB drive access is disabled on all tool computers and only enabled on file retrieval computers.  At the file retrieval computers, users can upload and download files to/from the file server. USB thumb drives should be scanned with the installed antivirus software when first connect to the file retrieval computers.

To scan USB drives.  Open My Computer after inserting drive.  Right click on drive letter representing the USB drive and click on Scan for Viruses.

NanoFab file server

Each user (both internal and external users) will have personal directories created on the file server to be used for saving their data.  The directory is mapped for each user as their Z drive at logon.  Each user is initially allocated 10GB of storage space.  This can be increased or decreased based on user needs.

Print capability is available from computer on the NanoFab Domain/network.  All tool computers are configured to connect to Xerox Phaser 8860 color printer.  Only cleanroom paper is to be used in the printer.  Contact NanoFab Staff members if the printer is low on supplies.  
A non-network printer is available within the user alcove (216/A250).  Users can connect their computers to the printer via USB.  Print drivers and instructions, if needed, can be obtained from the NanoFab User Office.

Printer access is not available on the visitor networks.

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