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Other Operating Procedures: General Code of Conduct

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General Code of Conduct 

All NanoFab users receive training in specific areas of laboratory safety, computer use policies and NanoFab operational rules.  In addition to these specific policies, all NanoFab users are expected to act in a professional, courteous and safe manner while working in any area of the NanoFab.  Failure to do so can result in a restriction, suspension or revocation of the users’ NanoFab privileges.   The specific type and length of penalty for violations is commensurate with the violation and is at the sole discretion of the CNST and NanoFab management.

If any user is uncertain about the interpretation of a rule or policy it is their responsibility to stop and ask a NanoFab staff member before continuing.  Ignorance of the rules, language difficulties, lack of common sense or being short of time will not be accepted as an excuse for committing a violation. 


Violations regarding theft, computer abuse or any other criminal activity will result in immediate suspension of NanoFab privileges and will also be immediately reported to NIST Security for disposition.  Note that circumventing Coral for the unauthorized use of NanoFab resources with the intent of avoiding NanoFab charges will be considered theft.
For NanoFab policy violations regarding safety, operations or unprofessional conduct, the penalty is at the sole discretion of CNST and NanoFab management. 


The user and their supervisor will be notified in the same email about the violation, the action or behavior which precipitated notice and the warning or penalty that has resulted.  The NanoFab manager will then notify the User Office as to which account should be deactivated and for how long. 


Restoring Access

In the event of a suspension, the user office will automatically reactivate the user’s NanoFab account after the suspension period.   If training, corrective action or counseling has failed and CNST and/or NanoFab management determines there is a high likelihood of recurrence, CNST or NanoFab management may further extend or revoke NanoFab privileges after consultation with the User’s supervisor (if applicable). 


Appeal Process

A user, whose account has been suspended or revoked, may appeal to CNST and NanoFab management for reconsideration of their account status.  The appeal sequence is:
  1. NanoFab Manager
  2. CNST Deputy Director
  3. CNST Director
Use of the facility by any User is at the sole discretion of the CNST and NanoFab management.

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