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Karen Grutter

Karen Grutter is an NRC Postdoctoral Researcher in the Nanofabrication Research Group. She received a B.S. in Engineering Physics from Case Western Reserve University and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences from the University of California, Berkeley. For her doctoral research, she designed, fabricated, and characterized optical whispering-gallery mode resonators for use in optomechanical reference oscillators and photonic integrated circuits. Karen is working with Kartik Srinivasan developing techniques for adding on-chip tunability to cavity optomechanical systems for applications in signal manipulation and sensing.  

Selected Publications
  • An integrated, silica-based, MEMS-actuated, tunable-bandwidth optical filter with low minimum bandwidth, K. E. Grutter, A. Yeh, A. Grine, and M. C. Wu, in CLEO: Science and Innovations, paper CTh4F.3 (Optical Society of America, 2013).
  • A platform for on-chip silica optomechanical oscillators with integrated waveguides, K. E. Grutter, A. Grine, M.-K. Kim, N. Quack, T. Rocheleau, C. T. Nguyen, and M. C. Wu, in CLEO: Science and Innovations, paper CW1M.5 (Optical Society of America, 2012).
  • Continuous control of liquid crystal pretilt angle from homeotropic to planar, K. E. Vaughn, M. Sousa, D. Kang, and C. Rosenblatt, Applied Physics Letters 90, 194102 (2007).
Staff Photo - K. Grutter


NRC Postdoctoral Researcher
Nanofabrication Research Group


B.S. Engineering Physics – Case Western Reserve University
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences – University of California, Berkeley


Phone: 301-975-4238