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Building a Fab on a Chip
October 10, 2014

The “Fab on a Chip” approach is a novel fabrication technique that leverages the control and stability of MEMS machines to fabricate structures on … more

Tunable Geometrical Frustration in Nanomagnet Arrays
October 14, 2014

Two-dimensional nanomagnet arrays known as “artificial spin ice” have become a valuable model system with which to explore on the microscopic scale … more

Ultrastable AFM: Improved Stability, Precision, and Bandwidth for BioAFM
October 14, 2014

Instrumental drift in atomic force microscopy (AFM) remains a critical issue that limits the precision and duration of experiments. Previously, we … more

Conductivity and Carrier Dynamics in Low-Dimensional Semiconductors
December 18, 2014

With the tremendous successes of the electronics and photonics industries, the performance of common device materials, such as silicon or III-V’s, … more


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