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The CNST at a Glance


What We Do:

The Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST) was established in May of 2007 to accelerate innovation in nanotechnology-based commerce. Located in NIST's Advanced Measurement Laboratory Complex on the Gaithersburg, MD campus, the CNST supports the development of nanotechnology by providing access to and training on world-class nanoscale measurement and fabrication methods and technology.

The CNST facility has a unique design which supports the U.S. nanotechnology enterprise through the readily available shared NanoFab resource, as well as by providing opportunities for collaborative development of the next generation of nanoscale measurement instruments and methods.

The NanoFab is accessible to industry, academia, NIST, and other government agencies on a cost-reimbursable basis. With a simple application process, the NanoFab provides rapid and economical access to a comprehensive suite of commercial tools and processes for nanofabrication and measurement.

While the NanoFab provides access to state-of-the-art commercial tools, the CNST also offers opportunities for researchers to collaborate on creating and using the next generation of nanoscale measurement instruments and methods by working directly with the CNST's multidisciplinary scientists and engineers.

Resources (FY 2012)

$28 million annual budget
118 staff (105 technical), August 2012

Current Focus Areas for Measurement Research

NanoFab: Key Capabilities

Suite of advanced nanolithography tools and processes, including

  • Large Class 100 cleanroom
  • Two high resolution, large area, electron beam lithography systems
  • High resolution laser pattern generator for on-site patterning and mask generation
  • Nano-imprint lithography system
  • Reactive ion etching and atomic layer deposition systems

All tools and processes are supported by expert staff and hands-on user training.