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William G. Cullen

William G. Cullen is a Research Scientist in the Electron Physics Group. He received a B.S. in Physics from Murray State University and a Ph.D. in Physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology. His doctoral dissertation focused on using scanning tunneling microscopy and Auger electron spectroscopy to examine roles of place-exchange, dislocations, and substrate symmetry in the epitaxial growth of nickel on gold in ultrahigh vacuum. His research expertise is in ultra-high vacuum scanning tunneling microscopy and in a range of non-contact atomic force microscopy techniques. He has used surface and membrane physics to study the conformation of graphene to substrates and has extensively measured and modeled the effects of charge inhomogeneity on graphene and graphene-supporting substrates. Prior to joining the CNST, he worked as the Facilities Manager for the Ultrahigh-Vacuum Scanned-Probe Microscopy Laboratory at the University of Maryland, College Park. Bill is working with Joe Stroscio on developing advanced instrumentation for low temperature scanning probe microscopy.

Selected Publications
  • Direct imaging of charged impurity density in common graphene substrates, K. M. Burson, W. G. Cullen, S. Adam, C. R. Dean, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, P. Kim, and M. S. Fuhrer, Nano Letters 13, 3576–3580 (2013).
  • “The princess and the pea” at the nanoscale: wrinkling and delamination of graphene on nanoparticles, M. Yamamoto, O. Pierre-Louis, J. Huang, M. S. Fuhrer, T. L. Einstein, and W. G. Cullen, Physical Review X 2, 041018 (2012).
  • Charge inhomogeneity determines oxidative reactivity of graphene on substrates, M. Yamamoto, T. L. Einstein, M. S. Fuhrer, and W. G. Cullen, ACS Nano 6, 8335–8341 (2012).
  • High-fidelity conformation of graphene to SiO2 topographic features, W. G. Cullen, M. Yamamoto, K. M. Burson, J. H. Chen, C. Jang, L. Li, M. S. Fuhrer, and E. D. Williams, Physical Review Letters 105, 215504 (2010).
  • Visualizing the electron scattering force in nanostructures, C. Tao, W. G. Cullen, and E. D. Williams, Science 328, 736–740 (2010).
  • Atomic structure of graphene on SiO2, M. Ishigami, J. H. Chen, W. G. Cullen, M. S. Fuhrer, and E. D. Williams, Nano Letters 7, 1643–1648 (2007).
Staff Photo — William Cullen


Research Scientist
Electron Physics Group


B.S. Physics — Murray State University

M.S. Physics — Georgia Institute of Technology

Ph.D. Physics — Georgia Institute of Technology

Phone: 301-975-8323
Email: william.cullen@nist.gov